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An Introduction

I can’t believe, I’m starting this again.  Yes again .  I must enjoy torture. . . . .

I’ve been writing a LOT lately.  RPG stuff, FanFiction stuff and I’m supposed to be sending a letter to my poor pen pal.  Yes, even in this day and age.  I still have an honest to goodness pen-pal.

Why, do you with the availability of the internet andother modern technology, do you still put pen to paper and still end letters to a pen-pal.  Answer:  A guest of the state ( someone who is incarcerated is not allowed to used the internet and email ).  That’s why the arcane method of communication.  And at times, the poor soul dosen’t even get that. . . . . .

I’m also trying to prepare some stuff to send to him along with the letter.  He likes to write fanfiction  also, so we like to exchange ideas and help one another out with the writing.  It’s something to keep his mind off his surroundings and keep it busy.

Plus, you know writers, we love for people to read our stuff and comment on it.  Especially good comments.

A little later on, once I get settled down, I’ll tell you a little more about me.

For now, I just wanted to say.  That was a long Hi wasn’t it?