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Angry Faced Saturday!


I believe I must explain my new nickname, or pen name. It comes from the fact that my fave actor, Keith Hamilton Cobb loves to act barefoot. When asked why he replied that being barefoot helps keep him “grounded”. In addition, he’s been to several past conventions and interviews barefoot or unshod ( I think and hope he took his shoes off UPON ARRIVAL ). And, I discovered an “Andromeda” episode ( which I have a photo of . . . . Which I wish I could upload here so you can see. . . . . ) where Tyr Anasazi was padding around unshod. And since I have a kind of foot fetish and think that is ( dare I say sexy ), I’ve taken on the moniker of “BarefootTyr”.  Note:  I only consider it sexy if the guy has nice feet, and Keith has nice feet.

Now, on to REAL LIFE. . . . . .

Well, the fun started when I decided to leave early for work. I had got up early, ran, got cleaned up, dressed, cooked and packed my din-din and was ready to roll by 1015. SO I decided to leave early in order to get to work early and eat.

You figure, if you leave early, you will get to work early. Right? Wrong!! I must have waited at least 45 minutes for a bus to come. The first one that came was a “dead head”, “No Passengers” and passed us ( me and other people waiting ) right by. The next one pulled up 15 minutes later and was crowded like rush hour. Day time rush hour, I guess those Transit cutbacks really did take a toll. I wonder should I leave earlier or later. . . I’m confused . . . . . .

Shocking, I managed to get to work early and as soon as I walked in I was in trouble! My office was packed out with injured complainants and EMS. It looked like the freaking Bellvue Hospital Emergency Room! All f the chairs and desks were occupied with standing room only. OMG!

I kindly informed the Lieutenant on the desk that I was going upstairs to the lounge until they all cleared out. He immediately became pissed because, as I keep saying in the past, all those folks are NOT SUPPOSED to be in our office! Especially if they are injured! This is NOT the Emergency Room, or a TRIAGE UNIT and we are clerical workers, not MEDICAL PERSONNEL!!

I kept thinking to myself that if The Boss Lady was there, she would be ticked and give them all a piece of her mind, but, I have to rescind that. She just plain couldn’t give a fudge. The only time she will get involved is when someone gets hurt or winds up catching something as a result of exposure to blood.

That is why every time I come in, I take 15 minutes or so and I wash down my entire desk, phone, computer keyboard and any surfaces I have to work on, first before I sit there.

If something does happen I just pray it doesn’t happen to me, because I will definitely take it to the max. I will sue NYPD and I will sue The Boss Lady for being passive and negligent as not only my supervisor, but as our so-called Union Representative!

I hate to say this about my people ( Black ) but I must. Some think being a supervisor is all about being Large and In Charge, I’ve Got It Made In The Shade, I’m The Big Kahuna, and they forget there’s RESPNSIBLITY to being a supervisor! You get paid more, because they expect you to be more responsible! Hello! Well, the Boss Lady is just like that.

All she wants to do is get in, shuffle a couple of papers for about an hour, then disappear for four to five hours ( to sleep ) and come back when I’m on my way home. I tell you, in private concern ( private industry ) her butt would’ve been so fired. . . . . . .

Sad thing about government jobs ( rather New York City government ) it is very difficult to get rid of people like her. Oh they’ve tried to, but she has hooks ( people who she knows in power who look out for her ) so they were never able to do anything to her. So, I’m afraid she is going to be like that until she retires.

Me? I used to get angry at her antics, but now I leave her alone. I figure soon enough, she will be hoisted by her own petard. . . . . . as Shakespeare would say. . . . . Or, Sow the wind and reap the whirlwind. . . . As the Bible says.

I’m just afraid one day something truly nasty will happen and she will not be able to run for cover like she used to. She’ll be caught right in it. Reason? She refused to address very important issues when they came up. She is afraid to rock the boat, so, I feel like the canary in the mines, I’m singing but The Boss Lady is not listening, until it is too late.

I pray I’m not there when it happens. . . . . . .

Also, wifi is still out at work. I didn’t really get a chance to get on the computer at home, yesterday. And when I did I was dead dog tired. I really wanted to chat with my two cohorts over at The House, but I was so tired I nearly fell over on my keyboard. So I closed up and went right to sleep. After I woke up, I really didn’t have time to go back on the computer. Now they must be wondering what the heck happened to me. I’ve got to message them and apologize.

I don’t know what to do about the stupid WiFi because the president of the WiFi club is not here. He is either on vacation, on his days off or out sick, I don’t know. And he is the only one I can speak to. I have a funny and paranoid feeling that since I kicked them all off my FaceBook page, they may have changed the code and secretly kicked me to the curb. This might sound farfetched to you but I don’t put anything past them. I work with NYPD cops, remember?

Then again, I might be a tad paranoid after what happened to me. Anyway, we shall see. We shall see. If it turns out to be right. There’s a restaurant down the street that has WiFi. All I need is an hour and a cuppa java. . . .

That’s it for know. I’m doing this at 1245am on Saturday morning as an Open Office Document and saving it to upload later when I get home from church. Which might be about 130pm. ::sigh::

Via Con Dios.


I’m Baaaaaccck!


Actually, I didn’t go anywhere. I’m talking about my original FaceBook Page. I finally finished sanitizing it and moved back in yesterday. Sad I had to do that, but when you work with idiots. . . . . . .

Not all are idiots. Actually most of the cops are nice guys and gals, It just took ONE nincomepook to ruin everything. It was a good lesson though, teaching me that if I play with fire, I can expect to be burnt. I just hope no one comes to me and asked why I “unfriended” or blocked them. I pray I’m not in one of my really foul moods. . . . . . . . . .

Well, if it was that particular person who started the whole thing, she deserves to get a piece of my mind. Everyone else deserved a polite response. But, I doubt anyone would ask. I’ went to work last week and no one said a word to me. I trust that most will be mature and just not be bothered with the whole matter. I mean to get into a dispute over FaceBook? Come oooooonnnn!

Moving on . . .

I have not done much writing. I’ve been tired, really tired. I think I’m recovering from that heatwave we had here in NYC. It finally broke on Sunday and I was finally able to get some decent sleep for a change. As a result, all I’ve been doing is sleeping! I guess I needed it.

I’ve also been stiff and sore all over. I hope I’m not coming down with something. That’s all I need. . . . .

Well, I know it’s not very exciting, but, I just wanted to chime in. Didn’t want the month to end with me not making an entry.

Via Con Dios!

Two Sentances!


Two sentences, that is all I have written since Sunday. I’ve been so worn out, I have not been able to do anything but crawl home and fall upon my pallet. Two straight weeks of heat and humidity really wrung me out! Plus, you have no idea what it’s like to sleep and sweat, until you actually sleep and sweat. . . . . . .

The temp finally broke in New York CIty sometime around 300pm when what the weather people called “microbursts” moved in. Personally I think they were mini tornadoes! I’ve seen photos in the papers of whole trees blown down upon parked cars and smashing them flat! That could only have been an act of God!

I’ve got my work cut out for me. But, I’m gonna take it one thing at a time because there is no rush. I can’t believe how much I have written thus far. 30 chapters of “Crossbow”!

There should be no excuse for me to enter and finish NaNoWriMo this year. . . . Of course I say that with trepidation. . . . . . I mean how can write a novel in one month? Well, a lot have done it.

I failed miserably two years ago, and still hurt because of it. But, I should try and tackle it again this year. Perhaps I needed to mature in my art first before taking on a 50,000 word novel in one month. I think the RPGs ( Role Playing Games ) helped me with that. They do help you to write a lot of the spur of the moment stuff, or write like crazy.

So, add that to Charlemagne’s list. Complete the 2010 NaNoWriMo this year . . . . . . Oh-oh! There go the shaky knees and the swaety palms. . . . . LOL!

I must fly . . . . . .

Via Con Dios!

I Feel Like I’m Living on Vulcan!


It is HOT! Hot! Hot! The temp went up to 105 degrees today in new York City! It might be even more with the heat index. I spent the majority of the day indoors and front of fans.

Oh, by the way “Vulcan”  is the planet where Mr. Spock from Star Trek was born and raised. Vulcan is a desert planet and is hot like Hell. . . .

I have to go out to work tonight, and will have to deal with the heat then. I’m not looking forward to it, as you can probably surmise. Getting dressed alone will be a chore. . . . . .

Other than that, I’m still writing. I’m up to the 29th chapter of Crossbow. I put it up early this morning, but I went back about an hour ago and did some “tweeking”. Changed a couple of sentences and added some things and corrected my grammar and spelling. You know how that is with us writers. We are always tweeking. We are sort of like GEEKS because they tweek too. . . .

I sent an email note to a good friend to be careful in this heat. I heard that people are dropping like flies and flooding the ERs. Apparently, people don’t use common sense anymore. . . . . . . When doctors get on the radio and TV and warn “Refrain from strenuous physical activity, stay hydrated and stay out of direct sunlight” they think it is a joke. I assure you, it is not.

And what is it with people leaving their children and pets in locked cars while they go shop or party, etc? They are to be put before a firing squad! However, that is just my humble personal opinion.

That’s my story for today!

Via Con Dios!

No Toilet Paper!


I’m gonna have to select one day a week where I back up both of my computers and download the latest updates. I noticed I am forced to do that when all of the programs disregard me and start backing up or downloading on their own and freezing my computer. So I am going to select a time, perhaps early in the morning on early Wednesday morning. I’ve gotta see.

I’ve figured how to work the photo uploader to my page on FaceBook. You know me, once I find out how to do something, I take it to the max.

They are talking about New Jersey’s Corey Booker saying that he’s going to cut out toilet paper and printer paper, and cut back on clean up people to save money. I tell you a little secret, Cori. NYPD had been like that all 18 years I’ve been working there!

I’m waiting to hear if NYC is gonna put us on a four day work week like in New Jersey. You know how things are. One state or city does it and the rest jump on the band wagon if it works. I personally, even though I will make less, appreciate the extra day off. . . . . . .

I’m off
Via Con Dios

Operation Purge FaceBook Friends!


I thought I would finish Project Operation Purge today! Armed with an extensive list of “co-workers” and started eliminating them from my friend list. Actually with FaceBook you cannot do that. The most you can do id Block people that’s all. So, that’s what I spend about an hour doing.

My block list now looks like the roll call of the United States Senate! That’s what I get for friending so many . . . . . . A lesson well learned. I tell ya.

What cheeses me off is the fact that there are some people I CANNOT block! The person with who I had an online confrontation with is the main one I cannot block! It seems that if you have a private account and Facebook can’t do an internal search and find your name,you cannot block them!

There simply must be another way to do it and I will find it! For now I will not use the page with my real name until I do find it. I want a complete purge before I start using it again. I thought FaceBook used to have an unfriending feature on thier site? I guess people got so upset when people unfriended them. . . . . Well, you know how people are.

Well, I’ve gotta go squeeze in my run. It’s gonna be another HOT one today. They say it is goig to be cooler today because of all of the storms which blew through last night. What storms? I didn’t see any!

On the radio they are saying that there were vicious storms. Hail storms, thunder storms and even a water spout or two ( a tornado with water ), but I saw nothing in my area. The news goes on to say that thousands are without power because of it. That usually the result of bad storms like that. I don’t know if I could live in an area where the power goes down everything a storm blows in. Or your basement floods. . . . .

I guess that’s the big difference between city living and rual living.

Well, that’s all folks! I’m trying to be a good girl and write every day. Lets see how far I get with this.

Via Con Dios.

Requieum For A Grocery Store


I meant to write about this MONTHS ago, but was simply too busy to do so. Indeed I am busy now, but I can spare a few minutes.

In my neighborhood there were several grocery store on the corners, up the street from me. When I grew up they were called “Candy Stores” and they sold all kinds of goodies which appealed to us as children when I was growing up. Of course, when I was a kid, I had no clue the stores sold anything else other than candy, because I only stopped at the candy counter and loaded up.

Candies and lollipops were a penny or two cents, so if you had a quarter you would leave the store with a paper sack full of goodies, which would last you all day into the next.

Like I said, I had no clue these stores sold anything else than candy until I got older and would see my compatriots being sent to the store for bread, milk and other sundry items. My parents didn’t believe in sending me out on such a venture. The believed in shopping and laying in supplies until next paycheck and if we didn’t have it, there was no such thing as going to the corner grocery store to put it “on the tab” like a lot of neighbors did.

As I got older and started to make my own way in the world, I would stop into these stores to buy heros, and soda or juice to take to work. It was then I noticed they sold beer and cigarettes. The beer was never sold on Sundays and cigarettes were sold “loose” out of the box.

There was one particular store which had been open forever. It was originally owned by Puerto Ricans and about twenty years ago they sold it to some Arabic men. The Arab ( please excuse me, I’m not being insensitive here ) guys had the store running 24/7/365. The store literally did not shut down until two months ago.

Two months ago, on my way to work, at 10:30pm I just happen to pass the corner and say to myself: “Hummmmmm! Something is very strange about this corner, but I can’t for the life of me figure it out.” I didn’t really see until I returned the next morning, in the sunlight that the store was CLOSED. Really closed, by order of the New York City Police Department! Why, because along with selling groceries and stuff, they were also dealing drugs from that location!

They probably had other violations like selling adult beverages to the under aged. Selling cigarettes to the under aged. Selling cigarettes without tax stamps and loose. . . . .

I used to wonder why there was always a crowd of shiftless looking young men present in the store, when I went in to grab a bottle of ginger ale . . . . . They may have been drug runners.

I say good riddance to bad rubbish. But, with the store shuttered, it is a blight on the neighborhood. It would be nice for someone to come in and invest and re-open that store, but with this economy? Phifft! Yes, I said Phifft!

Just wanted to relate my little story.

Via Con Dios