I SAY it the way I SEE it!


I thought I would finish Project Operation Purge today! Armed with an extensive list of “co-workers” and started eliminating them from my friend list. Actually with FaceBook you cannot do that. The most you can do id Block people that’s all. So, that’s what I spend about an hour doing.

My block list now looks like the roll call of the United States Senate! That’s what I get for friending so many . . . . . . A lesson well learned. I tell ya.

What cheeses me off is the fact that there are some people I CANNOT block! The person with who I had an online confrontation with is the main one I cannot block! It seems that if you have a private account and Facebook can’t do an internal search and find your name,you cannot block them!

There simply must be another way to do it and I will find it! For now I will not use the page with my real name until I do find it. I want a complete purge before I start using it again. I thought FaceBook used to have an unfriending feature on thier site? I guess people got so upset when people unfriended them. . . . . Well, you know how people are.

Well, I’ve gotta go squeeze in my run. It’s gonna be another HOT one today. They say it is goig to be cooler today because of all of the storms which blew through last night. What storms? I didn’t see any!

On the radio they are saying that there were vicious storms. Hail storms, thunder storms and even a water spout or two ( a tornado with water ), but I saw nothing in my area. The news goes on to say that thousands are without power because of it. That usually the result of bad storms like that. I don’t know if I could live in an area where the power goes down everything a storm blows in. Or your basement floods. . . . .

I guess that’s the big difference between city living and rual living.

Well, that’s all folks! I’m trying to be a good girl and write every day. Lets see how far I get with this.

Via Con Dios.


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