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Butting Heads!


Sorry I haven’t been here, been too tired to do much but come home and fall in the bed. And the times I wasn’t here, well, let’s just say I had other thing so do. I could have been here but. . . . .

I ‘ve been busy on Twitter. Keeping up with my real profile and my story profile. Apparently there are folks on Twitter and make money on Twittering. I have not figured it out yet. But I believe it’s about spamming peoples page and stuff. A lot of that goes on there. I personally had to take a machete to some of it on my own page.

I had stupidly joined one of those following groups. There are groups on Twitter that you can join if you don’t have a lot of friends who are already on Twitter to follow you. So you join one of the groups like the Followers Express by clicking “follow” and they and their group of followers will follow you. Only you don’t know who is in that group. I of course wound up with a lot of spam which literally took over my page and I couldn’t see where my entries began and ended!

Then some of the so-called members of said group used foul language in their tweets, posted half naked photos of themselves ( yes you can post photos by way of Twitpic ). So one Saturday morning I just “un-followed” of those people. The good people I kept. A couple of them got upset and posted my name on some site named “Who Un-Followed Me”! Can you believe that? Some people have way too much time on their hands. They must be making a dollar a follow or something!

I looked on the site out of curiosity and saw people who not only lost like ten followers, but one poor unfortunate gent lost over 2,000. followers! Jeeez! I wonder what’d he do?

Well, it has been a buffo week for me and my supervisor. We have not been getting along at all! It seems that ever since I’d gotten back from bereavement leave she had been picking on me. Most of the stuff she’ been picking at me over is pure bull crap. I thought it was just me but I had a discussion with another co-worker who works during the day and she complained that The Boss Lady screamed at her. Now this lady is ready to go to the Principle ( The Boss Lady’s Supervisor ) and file a harassment complaint.

I understand if an employee makes an error and you as a superior must correct them but screaming at people in the workplace is boarish, uncouth and unprofessional. And mind you in some cases she is screaming at people that are older than her! I was always taught to RESPECT your elders not scream into their faces! Well, we shall see.

As for me, TBL was very pissed off at me because she gave me a special project to type on Friday morning. Now, I told her that I might not be able to type it because the weekends are very busy and I, being the only one in the office who knows how to mostly everything, everyone runs to me to help them. So no hardly any work gets done. So that last thing I need is to type up one of her special “Make Work Memos”.

Well, as predicted, I was not able to type the memo because it WAS very busy. As as I get in this morning she demands the memo and I told her I was not able to type it. Of course she demands to know why! That’s another thing, she is VERY DEMANDING! You MUST give her an answer when she asked for it! Well, I gave her one!! One she didn’t like because she didn’t speak a word to me until she left at 0130, she didn’t even say Good Bye. What a beast!

Also, before she left she asked for the written copy of the memo back and she gave it to another co-worker to type. The thing I don’t understand, if the memo was so all fire important, why didn’t SHE TYPE THE DARNED THING? The woman is worse than a three toed sloth when it comes to laziness. She’s abysmal!

Of course you know I believe all of this behavior is due to mental and psych illnesses which have not been treated and I believe are getting worse. And it really dosen’t help me because I already have “issues” and she is very antagonistic towards me. Lord, I really don’t like the way this is going. If this keeps up most of her workers will rat her out to HER boss and they will drag her butt to the NYPD shrinks to find out what’s wrong with her.

And, I really believe she needs to be put out on disability because she’s NOT capable of working. In all of the 16 years I’ve know TBL she has not done a stitch of significant work. Oh, she’s pretended to do work, but she really has not done anything. That’s why she REALLY suffers when I’m not there. Then she has to figure out how to do stuff she has not done in years and probably forgotten.

On to more bad news. The Precinct WiFi Club is no more. The guy who was handling it got so disgusted with so many people coming to him with complaints that he took down his shingle and quit. So there is no on taking over in his place, yet. I really want to find out who that person would be because I want to tell them two things. Get rid of that cheap one dollar and 99 cent modem they have and two I’ll pay a little more to help buy the thing! Jeeze Louise! How CHEAP can you be! These guys all have big screen tvs and cellphones and fancy cars and motorcycles and a couple of them have boats, so why buy such a crappy modem for WiFi in the station house? Get a good one for goodness sake!.

So, until then, no WiFi for me at work unless I’m using my Android phone. And that’s very limited. Better than nothing at all. Hey, it’s better to have half a loaf of bread then none at all. . . . .

Gotta bounce!

Blessed Be!


Welcome Back!


How is everyone? Me? I’m fine! I got sleep, a couple of good workouts, and some decent food for a change and I’m doing great! Please don’t ask where I’ve been. I don’t rightly know my darned self!

One thing I know, I’m supposed to be taking care of the last few pieces of my Mother’s business and I have not been able to do so. Why? I’ve been sleeping like the *ehem* dead on my days off! I don’t know what it is but at the end of the work week, I am truly wiped out.

Speaking of work week. Last week was the first COMPLETE week I finished in a month! Ever since my Mom died I’ve been AOL from work. Actually it’s considered Death Leave. NYPD only gives you four days to take care of business and if you need more time, you have to take your own vacation or sick time to cover for it. Well, I didn’t exactly have enough time.

As a matter of fact I received a letter from the lady in charge of payroll that I had only worked 6 days in the entire month of August! That was why I was getting a check for $495.00! Thank God I still have some money left over from the loan. Talk about being whacked in the knees! I’m used to bringing home at least $1,075.00! I’m hoping my next check will be back to normal, or a lot closer to it.

As for work, I’m having a problem with the Boss Lady. When was I never havening a problem with her? Well, it seems that she’s got me in her sights. I made a couple of mistakes last week, she blew them all out of proportion and called me on the carpet in front of another employee. And the matter she called me on the carpet for was triffeling it was insane!

I see that the next time we meet, I’m going to have a talk with her about her attitude. She is a terrible supervisor to begin with and she is extremely abrasive when dealing with her employees. One thing I notice that she loves to do is pepper you with questions like she is the prosecuting attorney in court and she doesn’t like people to dialog with her. She like to overpower and intimidate and expects you to stay shut up and not answer or cry. But, I don’t. I speak right back to her and give her the what for! I don’t curse or anything, but I know how handle myself. And I know how to do it professionally.

But, I will speak to her about her unprofessional actions. Funny thing is, I’ve done this numerous times in the past and she just doesn’t seem to care or want to remember that you do not speak to me like I’m a ten year old. I’m older than you are and you are yelling at me? Oh no you don’t! The last person to yell at me was my Mother and I just buried her not 6 weeks ago! And I’m not gonna let anyone else yell at me like that any more!

I know this may NOT sound like Christian behavior. But, you don’t have to allow people to yell at you and belittle you like that. There is a way to speak to people and let them know what they are doing is wrong and unprofessional and it won’t be tolerated. And when you used to and love dealing with people ( like I do ) you learn how to deal with folks.

The Boss Lady is NOT a people person, and despite her denials, she HATES women. Why? Because in her eye they are in competition with her. And I am not on that lousy job to compete with her sexually! I’m there to mind my beeswax, do my job and go home, that’s it! But, every once in a while, this nastiness raises it’s head. It is truly pitiful when a woman has such a poor self image like that. It’s even worse when she causes so much destruction and pain.

Though I don’t agree with it, it’s no wonder some men HATE women! Because we hate each other, and for the stupidest crap!

No, I don’t relish having a showdown with TBL, but sometimes you just have to put people back in their place. Sheeesh!

I pray the Spirit of God will give me a silver tongue. In the Bible, silver stands for redemption. . . . . . . .

That’s my story for now. I promise I won’t be a stranger.

Blessed Be. . . . . .

It’s Funny How. . . . .


What’s funny? The way folks look at me now. They kind of frown and probably think to themselves, that’s Ricki, but she’s missing something. Now what is it that she’s missing.

The ladies at church were shocked to see how gray my hair was. That was precisely why I’d cut my dreads off. I was tired of my hair being gray on the top, closest to my scalp and black as it hung down my back. Now when it grows back, it will grow back mostly gray, like it should.

For now, I have to find some hats to wear on my head. Without hair ( with little hair I should say ) my little head gets cold. So I’ve bee tying scarves on it. And I have those skullies that are like Du Rags but they don’t have the strap. You just stretch them over your hair like a swim cap, but they are made from nylon.

I also found out that my hair is sooooo soft. It’s like baby hair! So all I have to do is wash it,towel it, put a little oil in my scalp and brush it ( w/ a natural bristle brush ) and I’m good to go. I guess by December it should be long enough to start baby dread locks.

My next actions will be getting back into my writing. I’ve slacked off a bit playing with Twitter and my new phone, or my new phone and Twitter. Funny how a small devise can take up so much of your time. Time which can be used otherwise and more constructively.

I also have to set up my e-book account for my NOOK. Funny I bought the thing like over a month ago and still haven’t really set it up yet. And I really love to read too . . . . .

Tonight will be my first night back to work, After being off for two days. I kinda wish it was much longer, but I’m kinda bored being home. Gosh, I never thought I would EVER say that . . . . . . I must be getting old. . . . .LOL!

God willing, I will be back soon!

Blessed Be!

Well, I Done Did It!

Holas Everyone!

Well, I done did it! I should’ve done this earlier last month, when it was hot as Hades in NYC but. . . . .

What’d I do now? I cut my dreadlocks off that’s what! It started out with me cutting off like a foot of hair, then I went out for my run, looked at myself in the mirror, went to the bedroom, and cut the rest of them off right down, well almost down to the scalp. I had a little soft fuzz left which I washed when I showered. I put a little oil in my scalp and that’s that.

I did it because I’m sick and tired of having black and white hair. White/gray on top and black for the rest. I want it to grow out all gray. So, I’m going to trim it again tomorrow ( God willing ) and start all over when my hair gets long enough to twist. I figure if I eat right ( plenty of green leafy veggies and fresh fruit ) my locks will be back down my back by this time next year if not sooner.

The only consequence is my head gets cold. So, I have to wear a scarf on my head when I’m outside now. The temps have cooled off tremendously in NYC. It’s only about 70 degrees now and funny thing, that’s cold to me. Or cold to my head anyway.

Boy are the cops gonna be surprised at work when they see me! As for the hair I cut off, I’m donating it to Locks Of Love, so they can use it to make a wig for a disadvantaged child who has lost their hair during cancer treatment.

I guess I kinda know how Keith felt. . . . . . .

That’s my story. . . .

Blessed Be.

A Warning?


This is just a short note because I am sick of missing days. I can’t believe I missed four days last week but I was having serious problems with Beatrice ( my laptop ) so that set me back a couple of days and I couldn’t make entries.

Eh. . . . . . .

What I really wanted to note was the fact that when I came home from church, I opened the door to my apartment and my cat, Spiral dashed out! Now, the last time he did that, was 9 years ago three days before 9/11 occurred. Now we all know that animals are great predictors of disasters like earthquakes and sunamis ( sp? ) and I’m wondering what Spiral’s action means?

The only thing I can do is watch and pray. I shall not fear because Thou art with me ( Psalm 23 ). This is becoming a daily reality for me.

That’s it for now. I told you this was going to be short. . . . .

Perhaps tomorrow, God Willing. . . . . .
Blessed Be

The Horror, The Hurt, The Pain, Is Still Here


Sorry I haven’t been here of late. Perhaps I will make another entry later on today or tomorrow God willing.

For now, I found something very timely to post from a writing profile I have at Writing dot com.

My 9/11 Tribute

I know it’s a tired old line, but I remember the day (09/11/2001) as if it was yesterday. I had just awakened and was laying there in bed, listening to my favorite talk radio station.

I recall that the morning was bright, sunny and hot. A great day to go out for a run. I was planning to do that, too. But, that would all change.

I don’t recall the exact time, but I heard a tremendously loud thunder clap, and I remember looking out of the window to check for rain. I mean it thundered, so it must have been raining, yes? But no! It was not raining. It was as bright and sunny as ever. If anything, it was sunnier.

Then came the announcement over the radio that a plane had slammed into one of the World Trade Towers ( I forget which one was hit first ). Supposedly, it had been an accident. “An accident. . . . .!” I thought. “The pilot had to have been blind not to see those two buildings! They are the biggest things in New York City!”

That didn’t sound right to me, so I turned on the television to see what the heck they were talking about. I got an eyeful of one burning World Trade Tower, and watched as another jet circled around and crashed into the second Tower, to the accompaniment of screams from the news people! Then I heard another tremendous thunder clap!

Why did I hear those thunder claps? I live about three miles away from the World Trade Center. I was able to walk down to the corner of my block and look south west across Lower Manhattan and see The Twin Towers dominating the skyline. That day, I did not go out and look.

I stayed home and watched the televised coverage. I watched as soot-covered people fled for their lives as both towers finally fell. I watched hundreds of brave firemen and emergency services personnel assist with the living and the dead. I heard stories of people jumping to their death because there was no other means of escape. There’s nowhere to run when you are 110 floors up, and the fire is below you. . . . . . .

I did not leave the house until it was time for me to go to bible class. Of course there was no subway service. The World Trade Center had become a major transportation hub in Lower Manhattan, connecting to the Financial District, Brooklyn and New Jersey. When the towers were destroyed, all trains were forced to a halt.

The city engineers also feared that the “bathtub” in which the World Trade Center sat ( which kept back the Hudson River ) would collapse, and the Hudson River would flood Lower Manhattan. They were afraid any vibrations from any trains which ran near the location would cause the “bathtub” to rupture. So all service was halted for most of New York City.

Since there were no trains running, I had to take the bus to church. All traffic had been halted on all bridges due to security reasons. So, I had to walk accross the Williamsburg Bridge to get into Brooklyn. From there, I would catch the bus.

When I arrived, instead of having class, my Pastor led the congregation in prayers for our President and national leaders, our country, the firemen, policemen, emergency service workers, and the families of those who had died, or were missing and the survivors.

Once prayer was over, I went back home the same way I had come. The atmosphere in Lower Manhattan that night was very subdued. Folks were in shock and to numb to say or do anything. I was too.

I also recall for the next six months (even more) our neighborhood was permeated with the dust and smell. The news reporters said it was a combination of jet fuel, plastics, asbestos, cement, and other building matrials which had been used to build the Twin Towers. What they didn’t mention was the fact that we were also smelling and inhaling cremated bodies, and that this debris was toxic!

I got sick and stayed sick, because the dust made my asthma and allergies act up. I was constantly coughing and wheezing like an old engine. My doctor stepped up my asthma meds and gave me additional allergy medication.

That’s also when I started to have anxiety attacks. I didn’t know it then but, when I couldn’t breathe, and had to sit down and sit still, because I couldn’t stop shaking, that those were the classic symptoms of panic attacks.

But, you know what? Despite all of this I remain patriotic. I love my country and would not trade it for no other! Yes, it has it’s faults. But, I still love it. And, I will always love it. If I ever cease to love this country, I will leave as it is not fair to stay with something I don’t love. If you don’t love it, you can’t be faithful to it. I am faithful to the United States of America, because I love it!

* * * * * * * * *

Blessed Be

Missing In Action – Again!


Boy! I’m really terrible at this aren’t I? I can’t seem to be able to keep up. The problem is that WiFi at work has been down. I noticed it when I returned to work on Thursday evening.

As soon as I boot up Izzy, she lets me know that the signal is working. well, when I booted her up, I got no signal. I’m used to having those problems, plus The Queen of Disorder ( The Boss Lady ) was there and on my case. So I really didn’t do much on Friday. In fact the work was piled up because no one had been at work all day.

Unfortunately, that is a common occurrence where I work. You only have one person working per tour to handle a crap load of paperwork, and when they are out, it piles up like crazy. Most of the cops, DO NOT want to deal with paperwork. There are a few who like to do paperwork, but they are few and far in between.

So, I met a blizzard of paper work and mu supervisor. As I may have mentioned before, I don’t like when she is there especially when I’m busy like that, because she tends to be a tremendous distraction and GETS IN MY DANGED WAY! And of course she lived up to her new moniker – The Queen of Disorder.

Law and DisOrder in NYPD!. . . . . . LOL!

The only relief I had from her and her antics was when I went upstairs to “meal”. There I attempted to get a signal again. Usually if I can’t get a signal downstairs in my office, I can get one upstairs in the lounge. Well, it was no go. However, I did manage to use an Unsecured WiFi network. But I only did something very limited. I singed on and posted at “Ex Isle” Feel free to check it out when you have the time.


So, since I was limited hampered, I was not able to post on my page at FaceBook. Plus, I found out that posting has changed at PhotoBucket. You formally were able to download to your computer a photo you liked, then upload it to you FaceBook page. Well, you can’t do that anymore! They now have these “Share” buttons that you are supposed to press. which have a direct link to your page if it’s open. Well, I tried it and failed 9 times. I chalked it up to the fact that I was upset that the whole procedure has changed. I wanted to SCREAM! I guess you can tell, I don’t do changes very well, especially when it comes to computer stuff. . . .::sighs, shakes head and reaches for aspirin::

I guess I’ll get used to it one day.

I have more to say, but I am tired and I wanted to make an entry today. I’m tired of being a truant. Remember that word? TRUANT?

Blessed Be, Everyone!