I SAY it the way I SEE it!

The What For!


OMG! Two days in a row! Can my poor heart stand it? As Fred Sandford used to say on “Sanford & Son”, I’m ready to have the “big one”!

I guess you kinda knew this was coming. I kept warning and warning that this would happen and it finally happened. What you ask?

Remember I kept telling you that we will be getting new people in and some of them are not gonna stand the way my supervisor talks to them. Well, we have a new lady ( we will call her Lady X ) who transfered from upstairs, and she was only there for 2 days ( count them two days ) and she already cussed The Boss Lady out!

I walked in and they had just had a big verbal dispute over something Lady X was supposed to do. All I know is that The Boss Lady was gone ( probably to lick her wounds ) and did not come back until Lady X LEFT for the day.

I understand TBL having to supervise and stuff, but I also believe a lot of the stuff she does is malicious and deliberate, and due to psych problems. It’s just a shame that her supervisors see her behavior and refuse to address it. You know when they will? When something serious happens. I hope nothing does happen. I really hopes she gets some kind of help. And that people will stop laughing at what they call TLB’s “antics”. They are not antics, they are clear indications of the fact that the woman has psych issues. How do I know? Because I too am likewise afflicted, so I know.

The key to getting help is to first admit that you need help. I don’t think TBL thinks there’s anything wrong with herself. I’ve confronted her over her yelling, mean and nasty behavior and she just says “Oh, that’s just me, you just have to live with it!” Well, I’ve been telling her over the period of the last 6 weeks that no you don’t yell at people, etc. Why? Because we are in a PROFESSIONAL enviorment and you as a supervisor is not supposed to YELL at your employees over anything unless there is a fire, or likewise emergency. Yelling at someone because they made a trifling spelling error is ridduculus! And city government an employee can file a complaint that she is harassing them. . . . .

Sad to say because of her condition, she doesn’t listen. Unfortunately everything I say goes in to one ear and comes out the other and no stopping in the brain. But you know what, I will remind her every time from now on. If she learns ANYTHING before I retire it will be how to conduct herself PROFESSIONALLY IN THE WORKPLACE!

Well, that’s my story . . . . .

Blessed Be all!


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