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Snow Day & Night

Greetings All!

The past 24 hours or so have been busy!

It has been very quiet at work. Apparently the criminals were home eating turkey with fixins and opening presents too. So there weren’t many arrests.

Precinct News Flash!

Last week we had a big incident in the precinct. The officers were trying to arrest an EDP ( NYPD cop-speak for Emotionally Disturbed Person ) and naturally the EDP gave the officers hell trying to arrest them by fighting. It took six officers to tackle the EDP and the Lieutenant felt that the EDP was still too out of control so she tasered him. Unfortunately, since all of the officers were holding the EDP, they as well as the EDP got zapped! So all six officers went out like a light as well as the perp! Of course all of the officers put in line of duty reports and thus all of them got off for the Christmas holiday! What a mess! I hear the Lieutenant is being investigated for improper use of the taser. After all, you are supposed to taser the perp, not the cops too! Proof of incompetence!

Ah well . . . . . . .

Now, I didn’t go out to church Christmas Day because I had to work and was tired. I should’ve went anyway. I was kind of bummed out because I would not have been able to attend Christmas dinner, because, I had to work. But I should have went to morning service anyway. Everyone was worried about me and texted me. That’s my Christan family. Thank God for them.

Now, yesterday I wasn’t able to go out to church again because of the impending storm. If I had gotten out to Brooklyn I wouldn’t have been able to get back to Manhattan once the blizzard started. Nothing or practically nothing would be running. So I texted a couple of people and let them know that I wouldn’t be able to come. My sister Angie was worried about me and texted me again.

She called me and told me I should’ve come out and stayed in Brooklyn with someone. Only problem is I had to be at work. How was I going to get to work?

Anyhow. I went to bed and had a decent sleep for a change. Got up and started puttering around. Cooking rice and peas, doing laundry, on the computer chatting with Jo, etc. At 9pm I called the Precinct, and asked them if they could send a cop car to pick me up. Now, this was directly as per The Boss Lady who suggested it. It is NYPD policy that when something like this happens you as one of their employees are supposed to get to work by any means possible. Now, I was NOT going to stand on no street corner and wait for no NYC Transit bus in a darned BLIZZARD! So TBL suggested I call for a car.

The desk Sergeant told me 11pm they would be by to pick me up. I was dressed and ready at 10:45pm and I got a call from them that they could not pick me up. Why? Because the precinct had been SNOWED IN! As of 10:45pm last night no sanitation truck had come by to clear the street in front of the precinct, so they couldn’t even get their cars out of the street! THAT IS A NO-NO!

I’m not the commanding officer of the station house, but shouldn’t they have called Sanitation and let them know that it a priority for the street in front of the precinct to be cleared out? Plus the precinct snowplow wasn’t working! When I called I kept hearing this loud ripping noise over the phone! My co-worker told me that they were trying to start the thing, inside the building, and the fumes were killing her!

Since they couldn’t get me, the gave me the day off. Good! I went right back to sleep!

I’m thinking of going out and trying to get some snow photos today. I will try my best not to bust my behind while doing it.

That’s my story for now!

Via Con Dios!

PS Good News! I renewed my membership with NAMI ( National Alliance of the Mentally Ill )! I used to be a member of that national organization for years but suddenly stopped attending meetings because of my crazy schedule. But, now that I am in sort of a pickle and they are in touch with lawyers and legislators who are very sympathetic to their causes. . . . . Let’s say, it’s better to take a full army into this battle instead of going against the enemy alone.



The Battle Is The Lord’s!


I had a very quiet day at work yesterday except for one thing. That old nasty chapter raised it’s ugly head again. What ugly chapter? The one about my absenteeism.

As I mentioned before back in November I went toe to toe with my supervisors Supervisor ( hereby designated: QUEEN BEE ) about my absenteeism. She confronted me about the fact that I had taken practically the entire month of August off, and when I tried to explain about my mothers death, and the fact that I, her only living relative in the U.S. of A, she was all cold and nasty and didn’t want hear what I had to say.

The Queen Bee had also threatened to write me up because she was missing doctors notes for me from back since in APRIL! And had the nerve, temerity and audacity to tell me to go back to the doctor and ask for copies of those notes to bring to her to set those records straight! I had given her those notes and apparently they were lost, that’s not my responsibility because you are careless!

As mentioned before, there was no way I was going to go back to my doctor and ask for notes from APRIL! The Queen Bee was just going to have to write me up and that’s that! I don’t have time for that foolishness!

Well, apparently she is really out to hang me! The Boss Lady told me that she really doesn’t like the fact that I take off too much and went to far as to re-write the evaluation that The Boss Lady gave me in November. Previously for the past 19 years my evaluation has been excellent, with a warning about my attendance.

However, this time she took the good evaluation that The Boss Lady gave me and re-wrote it to look like I was utterly incompetent and didn’t know what I was doing, in order to reflect the fact that I took off so much!

Essentially what The Queen Bee is doing in purgery! Forging a document to make me look bad! I wonder about her own competence in this instance!

First of all, if I were so incompetent why am I still working there? I should’ve been fired long ago! Second, the woman works during the daytime and NEVER sees me, how can you evaluate my work if you never work with me?

The Boss Lady as well as several Sergeants and Lieutenants work with me on a regular basis and all know that I’m the most competent one there! So they should evaluate me, not her!

Third, The Queen Bee thinks that AdultADHD is a joke! I keep telling people that mental, emotional and psych illnesses are NOT FUNNY! But, people seem to think that those little strange idiosyncrasies that people have when they act out are cute. They are not. They are signals which are often pleading for help. That’s why I never really thought “Monk” was funny. Perhaps that was me. . . . . .

Well anyway, after The Queen Bee re-wrote my evaluation, she gave it to The Boss Lady and tried to force her to give it to me to sign. The Boss Lady told me that she refused to take it. “If you want her to sign it YOU GIVE IT TO HER!” she told her. So I’m expecting something after the holidays are over.

And when she comes to me with it, or calls me into her office, I am not signing it! I’m going to appeal it! We are allowed to demand an appeal under my union contract. I am also allowed to rebut it. I think I’m going to sit down and write a ten page rebuttal! Plus I’m going to add information about ADHD and Federal Harassment of people with disabilities in the workplace. You know what? They should’ve left me the heck alone!

Anyway, this is all in God’s hands. Whatever He does with me is fine with me. If He decides I should work somewhere else that’s fine. If He wants me to stay, that’s fine. But, He alone is going to allow her to do what HE wants, not just what she wants to do. Just like in Job, Satan had to get permission from God in order to strike jobs property, family, etc. And if God said no, He meant no. So, we will see how far this goes.

As long ask I’ve been working there, I’ve seen many supervisors come and go. The last two left in utter disgrace. One was demoted and yet another was asked for her resignation. No telling what will happen to this one.

Please stay tuned for the next event. You know what? Whatever Gods does in this situation is all good. . . . . . .

The rest of the day was spent asleep. I wanted to run when I came home, but that temp outside was bitter, bitter, bitter cold! So I went right to bed, and woke about 4pm and went for my run. Went to the crazy Pathmark and picked up a few last minute items and went back home.

I wanted to get back on the computer but I was too darned “busted” to do so. Plus, I had to go to work, so back to sleep I went.

Oh, I sleep for a full six hours without interruptions! I also notice that when I get full and uninterrupted sleep my ears don’t ring! For the last couple of weeks my ears rang so badly I felt like I was going deaf! Thank you Lord for delivering me in that area! You have no idea what it’s like to wake up and not hearing that annoying tinnitus buzzing, ringing, humming! \o/ \o/ \o/

I must bounce! Got more to write.

Merry Christmas, Everyone

Via Con Dios!

I certainly will!


I’m Armed!


Well, I’m kinda sorta ready for work tonight. I don’t wanna go back, but I admit I am a bit bored. I need some excitement. Perhaps some screaming at The Boss Lady will do it!

I hear that she’s been flying low under the radar lately. I think someone complained about her. I hope when I go back she doesn’t challenge me like Mike Tyson against Holyfield again. She likes to challenge people to much. She actually likes to challenge Women too much.

And we have this new lady working with us and she ( TBL ) has already been screaming at her. She’s only been with us only all of 2 months or so and TBL is already harassing and abusing her!

I’m telling you that woman is cruising for a bruising. I hate to say it bu she is really gonna get her @$$ whopped in there one day. Lord, I pray I am NOT there! Why? Because I don’t want to have to break up no fight between two black women. One trying to snatch the weave off another one’s head. . . . . Very ugly business, indeed!

Everything else is okay. I finally, FINALLY moved the entire CROSSBOW series into The House Of Cobb. I had orginally posted it on the Online Starbase, which USED TO BE an open forum ( to read but not to comment ) Two weeks ago, I found out the site was on lockdown. Now if you want to read anything, you must join ( or according to Star Trek speak, you must have at least a “Level One” clearance ). So some friends who were reading Crossbow were locked out. Some are members of THOC so I updated it. I only had ten chapters on there. So, I had to add 39! UGH! I’ll never do that again. Thank God for cutting and pasting or I would’ve been utterly done for!

I would’ve become a medicated nutter instead of a non-medicated nutter. I know, a nut is a nut. Hey! only I can say that! After all it takes one to know one!

Well, it’s time for New Years resolutions. Mine as always is to continue to “Walk With The King” and battle on! I will also resolve to write more ( especially blogging – I have really wandered off the reservation in that area ), to eat healthier. It seems my diet took the express elevator out the 15th floor window after Mom died, I promise to et back into the swing of things, inspired by KHC and the fact that I’m older now and really need to take care of myself. I also resolve to take more photos, even though it is Winter. And to work out more. Find a gym that is reasonable. That means next year after the new year starts. Right now if I joined up, I would be ripped off. I’ll wait till the New Years resolution rush slacks off.

Well, that’s it for now.

Via Con Dios!

Step Away From The Computer(s)!


Well, yesterday was certainly interesting! I went to lunch with a newly acquired friend. I met Alex the night I saw Keith Hamilton Cobb in the NYC Off-Broadway production of “Hapgood” ( 12/04/2010 ) and we really clicked.

He kept bugging and asking when I was going out to lunch with him. And you know me. I spend my days off closeted with Beatrice ( my laptop ) and Izze ( my netbook ) and except for going out to run and Bible Class I really don’t go anywhere on my days off. Most days I’m face-down in the pillow, dead to the world.

But today I decided to go out to lunch with Alex. We met at this Japanese noodle place and I had the soupy noodles. Which in my opinion were yucky. Next time I’ll order a rice dish. We then went to Starbucks ( after all, what is lunch without Starbucks? ).

From there we went and did a little Christmas shopping. Well, Alex did. I had no money to shop but I didn’t mind running around and looking at stuff. I must be softening up in my old age. When I was younger, I could not stand shopping! And window shopping was the worst!

I noticed one startling fact. The stores should’ve been packed and they were not. And so close to the holiday too. I guess a lot of people just don’t have the money. I did notice that my fave outdoor market was packed though. People were buying more hand made and food items as gifts.

Well, duh! That’s how it used to be way back when. People didn’t have money to buy stuff so they made stuff for one another or cooked/baked.

Perhaps this will be the new trend for the coming years.

As for me, I was all done in after wards. I stopped by Trader Joe’s to get my half turkey and a few snacks, I went home and hit the deck! I know, I have positively horrible sleeping habits! Hey, that’s what I get from being a Nightingale!

Gotta Bounce! More Posting to do! Ah! You should’ve known!

Blessed Be!

First Birthday . . . . .


I made it through yesterday! What was yesterday? Yesterday ( 12/21/2010 ) was my Mom’s birthday. Had she lived she would have been 89 years old. I thought I was going to fall apart, but by the grace and mercy of Almighty God, I did not.

I wanted to stay home all day on the computer, only going out because I had Bible Class in the evening, but I suddenly got the inspiration to go out for a very long walk. I hadn’t walked uptown in a very long time. I mean I walk uptown to see my doctor on 14th Street all the time. I meant really walking uptown like 34th Street or further.

So I got my old ( and faithful ) digital camera and went for a walk uptown. I decided to walk in East River Park, a place I haven’t walked in for almost ten years. Why? because back in 1999 the city had shut down my fave park that I ran, jogged, race walked, people watched and took photos in from since I was a teen. Why did they shut it down? The CityOf New York claimed the park was deteriorating and they were planning to rebuild it. It took all of this time to renovate said park!

Of course I felt the loss keenly as if someone tore the skin off my back! Well. . . . . .not quite that bad, but bad!

Yesterday, I had the privilege of walking through the newly renovated East River Park! It’s a good thing I had my camera along ( I’m in the habit of always carrying my camera now just in case – ya know? ), I took a lot of photos of the Willamsberg Bridge and other interesting tidbits. I’m determining that this is going to be a productive Winter photo wise.

I totally lost track of time and I wound up at 34th Street and FDR Drive! I merely crossed town to 2nd Avenue and took the bus back home! Even though it was very cold out, I enjoyed my walk and now know what I will be doing in the mornings. I’m going to make a plan to run or walk in the new park! I currently run in the evenings but I don’t like doing that unless it is Summer time and still light out. When you run in the evenings this time of year, it is dark out or getting dark.

So, the day wasn’t so bad after all.

However, when I spoke to the Doctor on Saturday, she recommended that I start speaking to a therapist on a regular basis again. I so miss Mary, but I steadfastly REFUSE to go back to my old clinic! I hated my “shrink” ( I privately think HE was “nutter” because he used to tell me HIS problems . . . . . ). I only want to speak to a therapist though. No meds! NO MEDS! That stuff made me nuts. Forgive me for saying it like that, but I am diagnosed as having  Bipolar Disorder and my condition gives me the authority to speak thus. . . . . . . . . .

Well, I’ve gotta bounce!
Via Con Dios!

Another One Bites The Dust #2



My middle name should be “Destructo”. What? You ask? Destructo – the destroyer of things. Of course you are wonder what has SBS torn up now?


I don’t know if I tore it up. As you know I’ve bought a rolling attache like case for me to carry Izze and other things I need around the city as I go to work, bible class and church. When I was younger I used to pack everything in a knapsack and shlep it around like I was climbing the North Face of Everest. In recent years, my body let me know in various ways that is no longer the correct route to take.


So, I went out in August and bought a rolling attache. So far I had no problem with the thing until last week. I noticed that it was rolling kind of loud and there was a sort of drag on it.


The noise I ignored, figuring it comes with the territory. After all, you roll on New York City streets for a couple of months and you will roll rough and loud too.


As for the drag, I simply dug in and applied more muscle to pulling the thing. Well, I finally sat down at work and decided to take a look at the wheels and see what was going on. Actually there was a piece of plastic hanging off one wheel which attracted my attention.


I found out that I had literally dragged the wheel FLAT! Something must have jammed into the wheel and instead of me checking it and pulling what ever it was out of the wheel ( this time of year it was probably a leaf. . . . ) I just kept pulling. That created friction and wore the wheel down flat. Now I am in a quandary. The attache is still new, it just needs a new wheel. Where in the world can I get one rolling attache wheel replaced?


Of course that means I have to go back to Century 21 and purchase a replacement! Darn! I destroy more rolling attaches that way! I’m also too strong for my own good!


It’s a good thing I have the money to buy a new one, or I’d have to go back to shleping like a sherpa. . . . . . . .


Via Con Dios!

It’s A Wrap!

Backdated 12/13/2010


Right off the bat, this is ( yesterday 12/13/2010 ) a bad morning for me. I did not get that much sleep. I got home by 2:30pm yesterday and was under the covers by three, and had about six hours to get some decent sleep, but I kept waking up like every hour then going back to sleep. Now, you know that was not restful at all.

Woke up all hyper, wired and distracted, Adult ADHD in full affect. Disturbed that I couldn’t get my thrice cursed cellphone to work, again! The darned thing crashed on me about three times, then I threw it aside to put some wild rice on to boil and head for the shower.

Got dressed in record time, cooked and packed dinner and was off to the races. I get to work and The Boss Lady or Her Royal Highness is there with two new ladies. All three of them didn’t know what the heck they were doing. The new ladies I understand, but The Boss Lady, she been there for more than 25 years and should know the work like the back of her hands. Well, surprise, surprise! She doesn’t, so she is equally clueless!

Ever hear of someone who spends their entire career avoiding work, so now when they are needed to actually DO work, they cannot produce! That’s my supervisor. She expects everyone to cover her red orangutang butt.

Plus, ever since the week before last I noticed that HRH has been acting like she is on some kind of barbiturate or something. Speaking with slurred speech and actions uncoordinated as she is either drunk, on drugs, or suffering from an extreme lack of sleep. The bad thing is, in this condition HRH can tell the two women anything and since she is the supervisor they will take it as gospel, not knowing she’s really not in her right mind and that they really need to check with someone above her just in case they don’t understand something or if something looks fishy.

And of course HRH being who she is: The lover of taking advantage of people and consummate work dumper, she will take advantage of them and screw them over. I’ve put a stop to her nonsense since my Mom died because it seems like I really don’t have the patience for that foolishness anymore. So since I went off “the rez” she really doesn’t mess with me anymore. So guess what, she’s looking for new meat, and I’m gonna have to warn them about her or she will get them in tons of trouble.

Funny I had worked with the woman for neigh 12 years and didn’t really know that she was deliberately trying to get me in trouble, suspended, written up and possibly fired. I only learned that recently. Imagine working for a supervisor who uses their power to do that to their subordinates? And challenge and intimidate them!

Some of my fellow employees are terrified of my supervisor, because HRH always comes on like a bull who puts his head down and paws the ground before he charges. The women especially go running for the tall grass. Me? I just look at her and shake my head. Woman, you are are not chasing me anywhere!

I see that I must go in there armed with the Word of God and the Sword of the spirit, like a lion tamer when he steps into a cage full of lions!

Also you can call me a frantic, or whatever but I believe in the scripture where God says: “God is not mocked, what so ever you do to others shall be done unto you.” and unfortunately, HRH will get her just desserts. Because the scriptures also say: “Vindication is mine sayeth the Lord.”

She is responsible too. God didn’t bless her with that job to take advantage of people and ruin people’s life because “you have a little power”. I keep telling her over and over that verse where God says: It’s given to man once to die and then to judgment.” Lady, what do you think God put that in the bible for? Pretty?

She used to tell me that she admired Bill Clinton because he had gotten away with all of the dirt he did in the White House when he was President, and he was never convicted. I told her yes he was. Bill Clinton was convicted and tried by God Himself. What about those three heart attacks he had? Who you think did that little tap dance on his butt?

Oh he probably helped along by stuffing his pie hole with McDonalds and Wendys and Burger King and all manner of garbage, but God had the ultimate say so in whether Mr. Clinton continued to live or not. You’ll need no more confirmation of that than what happened to Job. Satan had to get permission from God each time he struck Job, the last time he was prevented from taking Jobs life because God said “That is mine to give or take” Job chapter 1 & 2.

I noticed as a result HRH doesn’t make that stupid statement anymore to me. I hope she heard and learned.

I’m truly sorry I didn’t mean to preach, and I can’t preach because I’m not a preacher. I’m just a servant of The Most High God, and I’m obeying His call on my life to tell others. That’s it.

Via Con Dios
Go With God

P.S. A lot of the stuff my boss does is due to the fact that she has both emotional and psych issues. I lived with and took care my Mom for the past 38 years and she had the same kind of problems only worse because it was my mom. But, God in his infinite mercy gave me someone with issues, so I could learn through him how to deal with other people like her. So instead of opening a can of WA on HRH I can talk to her like a reasonable human being because believe it or not. God loves her too, and how’s she gonna know that if I don’t allow myself to be used in that manner? A question every believer should consider every minute of the day.  How will they know unless we tell them?