I SAY it the way I SEE it!

Coming in 4 A Landing. . .


Sorry I’ve been away! I’ve been MAD busy trying to do a number of things on the internet like taking care of my sites and doing updates. I’ve also been busy trying to load my photos from Saturday ( 12/04/2010 Hapgood ) on to my computer. That task has turned into a total travesty!

I decided to use my brand new digital camera which I bought two months ago, but never had a chance to load it’s software on my computer first. Has I did that, I would have known the cute little camera I bought was a piece of crap! Well actually it’s not. The software included in the cameras package which is supposed to support the camera so you can load your photos is a piece fo crap!

First, there are NO INSTRUCTIONS! I got a 100 page booklet written in every language but English ( actually very little English ) and those instructions were very vague. I loaded the software and it loaded the photos, but it turns out that said photos were only in some kind of photo viewer, and not being saved on my computer drive. So all I can do is LOOK AT my photos, that’s it. Had I known I was going to have such problems I would’ve bought another brand of camera.

As a matter of fact, hindsight, I should have stuck with HP. My old camera is HP and if I had bought another HP camera, the software would’ve been compatible with the software I already have loaded on Beatrice ( my laptop ) and I would’ve not had these problems. Stupid me was taken in by the price and the fact that the camera was small enough for me to carry with me everywhere. . . . . . Never again!

Now I’m carrying my old faithful digital camera that I bought like four years ago. It has a smaller viewing screen, but I have no problem loading my photos at all. The only problem with the old camera is the fact that I must stock up on double A batteries. But there is a rechargeable battery pack I can pick up at Best Buy which will take care of that problem.

In the meantime I will continued to try and get my photos off of that silly viewer and saved on my drive so I can post them. There is one really nice one I want to post but I see there is no longer a photo loader on the blog entry box. :+(

I took a couple of nice pics with Keith and even though my camera pooped out, my friends camera didn’t! He got some excellent photos! Thank you so much Alex! Now I see why some photographers carry TWO cameras! Yes, I had my cellphone, but after what it’s been through I don’t trust it to take photos anymore which is an utter shame because it take excellent photos! What a supreme pain in the neck!

I’m also going to make a promise to myself to blog more often. I have fallen off the wagon since my Mom’s death and that’s not good. It’s not like I didn’t have time to do it. I’m the type who doesn’t blog unless I have a lot to say. But, in order to blog, one doesn’t need to write a thesis, which I’m learning. A few well-chosen words and sentences is all one needs.

I probably don’t blog as much because my focus has radically changed. I don’t have Mom to talk about any more ( sigh ) and the job is no longer a major factor in my life. It’s there and the same BS is happening, but I’ve made my stand and will protect my perimeter! No more being jerked around by those Bass Backwards people. If your gonna step to me, you’d better step to me right, or step off, as they say in the streets.

It’s truly say that I have to do that, but I deal with people who have nothing better to do than to try and challenge me every day and all day. Every day it’s like a Tyson and Holyfield fight! Well, I’ve decided to be Tyson and TKO some people! It’s truly sad I can’t go to work and mind my business and just DO MY WORK AND GO HOME. No, someone has to mess with me. ::sigh::

And I know exactly what it is. . . . . . . Spiritual wickedness in High Places. . . . that’s all.

Well, I must bounce

Via Con Dios!


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