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Disparity And One Bus


Disparity and One Bus

For as long as I’ve lived in New York City I’ve heard the statement: “Kitty, you are so lucky you live in Manhattan because when it snows they really clean up fast. In the other boroughs like Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx and Staten Island are forgotten and have to muddle through until when ever Sanitation gets to it.

Honestly, I never really saw the gross disparity until yesterday. Well actually, I saw it on Saturday but really didn’t have time to reflect on it because I was preoccupied. That happens at times in my condition. . . . . .

After work, I made my what I call “the trip to the Holy Land”, which it to my church in Brooklyn. I left Manhattan where the streets are relatively clean and arrived in Brooklyn to a mess! The streets are horrid and as I got closer to my church which is in a residential neighborhood with houses, it got worse. I was greeted by 10 foot piles of snow in the street and 5 to 6 foot berms of snow on both sides of the sidewalk and tiny footpaths in between. A regular Winter wonder land!

All because Mayor Bloomberg thought he was balancing the cities budget by laying of 400 sanitation men/women. He did this on the sneak before the Boxing Day ( day after Christmas ) Snowstorm. It was that snowstorm that brought Bloombergs dirty deed to light as all of a sudden, there weren’t enough drivers to drive the plows. Ah! That’s because you laid them off you lunk head!

To add insult to injury, NYC has had a snowstorm every week for the past five weeks, and we are expecting another! February is snow storm month in NYC, so I’m gonna really batten down the hatches!

Another saying I used to here. This one from my Mom: “This bus is so slow, it must be the only one running”. Now, me as a child would hear that and think that is ridiculous. After all, how in the wolrd do you run a bus line with only one bus? It’s impossible! Well, I saw the impossible made possible yesterday.

On the way to church I have to take a train and bus. The train was no problem, but I waited for the bus “4 eva” . . . . . . When the bus did come, it was going in the opposite direction! I made sure I took a good look at the bus driver before he drove away. It went on it’s way down town. Ten minutes later, the same driver, driving the same bus comes back the opposite way to pick up ( angry passengers ) up! Yes, THE SAME DRIVER!

One of the ladies was so angry she got up into the drivers face and yelled at him and threatened him. I don’t know about any other state or country, but in New York City that is a FELONY! And you can be hauled off to the clink. Why? Because two years ago a bus driver was shot to death due an argument over the fare. Now bus drivers are protected from being beaten, spit upon, threatened, etc. After all they are responsible for the safety of the passengers, and how can you concentrate on driving with someone threatening or pounding on you?

I know, we some crazy folks in New York City!

Privately, if it was me, I’d carry a sap . . . . . . One good thump would take care of any disgruntled customers. You have to also remember the streets were in bad shape, and no bus driver worth his salt would risk a serious accident.

And another gripe. Since I’m a New York City Employee ( we – all city workers ) received a credit card from a corporation named Wageworks a couple of weeks ago. According to the information included with said card, it was to be used for Commuter Purposes only, but the thing already has a $3.000.00 spending limit.

Two weeks ago when I first got the thing, I attempted to activate it on the phone like seven times and it wouldn’t work. After you do it like several times, the phone mail system automatically shuts you down and tells you to call back. So I gave up and threw the thing in a drawer.

Since then I found out by word of mouth that this card is supposed to be used for our Metro Card. Previously, if you had Transit Check, we would get mailed a Metro Card and it would last a whole year because a pay deduction would come out and cover the cost. Plus the cost was tax deductible. Now, I heard from the grapevine that Transit Check will no longer handle this. The work has been contracted out to “Wageworks”, they will take the deduction out of your pay and put it towards this card. Now, every month you will have to buy a new Monthly Metro Card. A supreme pain in the neck, because I DON’T WANT ANOTHER CREDIT CARD!

Here’s the really sad part. Today is the last day to register for the program before it starts. If you don’t activate your card, you will have to spend over $100.00 on a monthly Metro Card and will get no tax deduction to boot!

In my opinion this is the beginnings of The Mark Of The Beast! They told us to go to the Wageworks website if we needed more information and of course I had my big face in there. It’s more than commuter stuff, it’s medical, dental and even groceries ( I think ). I honestly believe they are going to hook it up so that we won’t get a paycheck anymore. All of our money will go into that account and if we want cash we will have to use our Wageworks card as a debit card. They say we can’t now because it has no pin number. But, that can easily remedied. . . . . .

Of course our union ( DC37 ) it totally clueless about this. If anything, they should’ve been the first to know, not the last. Now if the members don’t want it, they have no one to fight for them because it’s TOO LATE NOW! WE ALREADY HAVE THE DAMNED THING! Closing the barn door after the horse ran away. . . . . . . . . DUH!

This is what we pay union dues for. . . . . . . . . PAH!

I’m sorry, today’s gripe day . . . That means I’d better be off.

I’m outy. . . . .


Two Time Blog


Today I’m going to make a rare two blog entry. Why? because one will be private and one will be public. You REALLY DONT wanna know what I wrote in my private blog. . . . . .

Well, it’s snowing again in New York City and what did I do? I went out and ran in it! It’s wonderful for those who have not tried it. I’m not talking about people who never run, I’m talking about dyed in the wool runners who run in rain, sun, heat and so on. It’s wonderful to run in snow!

First it’s very pretty out. Snow covers up the NYC dirt and grim if but for a day or so. Then it’s very quiet. All you hear is the crunch of your foot falls in the snow, and your heart beat and breathing. and with me my ears ringing because of the tinnutis . . . . . . . It reminds me when I used to run up in the woods while in summer camp. Real quiet! I believe this is what we call communing with nature. . . . .

Well, that’s it for now. Gotta run out and mail a little surprise to a friend in Austrailia! Actually she knows about it, but it will surprise her anyway! I love doing things like that!

Gotta Bounce!

Crazy Cat!


My cat Biscuit has lost his damned mind! I’m dead serious, I might have to take him to a cat shrink! Like I can afford that! If I can’t afford to go to a shrink unless it’s on my employment insurance, I certainly can’t afford to take my cat!

What prompted this statement? I noticed for the past few weeks EVERYTIME I go into to the kitchen to get something or do something, Biscuit dashes in, sits before his bowl and whines. It’s more like yowls since he’s a cat. Now, I’ve already fed his butt, but he wants something else!

I have both a bowl of dry food and wet food set in a corner for them. So if they don’t like one, they can eat the other. Well, Biscuit will come in, sniff, take a few bites then dash off. His way of saying “YUCK!” In the past I’ve just ignored him, but now he’s become a PLAGUE and down right annoying. I’ve yelled at him a couple of times and given him a swat with the old fly swatter. There’s really not much I can do since he is an elderly cat. He and Spiral are about the same age 19 years old.

So I guess I’m dealing with two old grumpy feline men. . . . . . .

I posted the 53rd Chapter of Free Enterprise during the wee hours of the morning at the Online Starbase. I had no clue this little story of mine ( which was really meant to be a RPG ) would be so long and involved. If I was to estimate how long I have to go, I would say about another 50 chapters or so. Yeah, your right, I should of published it as a book. Perhaps one day I will. . . . . . . . .

Via Con Dios

Sick Of Being Sick! Sorta!


When are you ever not sick? Never I guess. Remember I’ve sorta kinda got this disability, soooooooo.

Enough of that.

I came down with a nasty cold last week. First it was body aches all over like I ran the marathon or something. I hurt so bad even my hair hurt. Now that’s bad. VERY BAD!

Then I had the nasty head cold where I was sneezing all over and everywhere. I must have blown up three large boxes of tissues! This was certainly NOT an allergy! After that sort of calmed down the huffing and puffing started ( asthma ). That’s when I really got concerned and I hauled my carcass to the Doctor’s office on Saturday. I actually went on Friday, but there were so many people waiting to be seen, I was turned away!

I was told to come back on Saturday so that’s what I did. The nurse took one look at me and ordered a treatment. So she set up the machine while I waited for the doctor. I knew I was wheezing, but I had no idea I was that bad off.

One major complaint I had about the clinic. I’ve noticed that the new procedure for taking one’s blood pressure. It seems like the new thing is to pump up the blood pressure cuff until they cut off your circulation! I nearly screamed out of pain, Then the bone headed nurse had the nerve to tell me my pressure was up! Of course it’s up! Your blood pressure goes up when you experience pain you id-yot!

I’m not paranoid, but it almost seems like they want Black people to have high blood pressure even when they don’t, and I know I don’t! There is something very fishy going on! Could it be Obama care?

I so wanted to to church yesterday but I still wasn’t feeling up to it. Had a fever even. And today I’m doing a little better. By Thursday I will be ready to Storm the Bastile again!

Oops! Time for my nap! I’m not only sick but spoiled rotten . . . . . I’m gonna hunt down somw string cheese first.

Via Con Dios!

Expletive Deleted!


Well! I had more house cleaning to do last night. Not good because It was one of my friends. Well, it was starting to be a budding friendship.

One of the ladies from our little “Drom” group or fellowship texted me last night and warned me about I’ll name him “A” and that he was a fraud. I was starting to have some suspicions about him due to the fact that he never seemed to have a job, but always had a lot money. But, even though he had so much money, he lived in a rooming house. Huh? That must be one hell of a rooming house! Must have a doorman. . . . . . .

Anyway, she told me that A had sent her a $1,000.00 check ( that she didn’t ask for ) and she put it into her bank. Surprise, Surprise, the damned thing bounced costing her a crap load of overdraft costs and her rent and bills to be late because she had to pay them. She told me that she called A and complained about the check. He told her to send it back ( which I would never had done ) and she did. He claimed he was going to send her another to replace it. Actually he promised to wire her the money. That was last week and he has not wired her, So today she has to shut her cellphone service off until she can pay off everything.

Of course, you know who I work for and I told her flat out to file a police report on his butt! Sending a fraudulent check to the mail and her trying to cash it and finding it had no money, that is a Grand Larceny in New York City! I don’t know what it is in her neck of the woods though. She wanted to wait until she had money to take him to court ( small claims ), but I told her to file a police report ( as soon as she gets a copy and documentation from the bank ) and let the detectives go to work on it.

I have a funny feeling that since he sent the check from NYC the whole procedure may have to be done here in New York City. Starting with the address where he sent the check from or the bank listed on the check.

In light of this, I’ve removed him from my FaceBook friends and I’ve locked him out of the House Of Cobb. Since I’m the site owner I can kick him out, but A happens to be very computer savy and may try to weasle his way back in as someone else. So I locked his account, which prevents him from ever getting back in. Period!

The only thing I might have to worry about is the fact that he calls constantly. But, my phone has a handy-dandy automatic number dump. If you want to reject a call or number, all you have to do is press the button and WHAM! No more pestilence! LOL LOL LOL! ::wicked and gleeful smile::

He didn’t bother me much, possibly because of who I work for. Damn Skippy!! I’ll have the cops on his butt like the speed of lightning! As a matter of fact, if he does come around, I’ll automatically call the cops on him for harassment!

What a pain in the. . . . . . . . . I’ll be nice. NECK!

Gotta Bounce!

Distractions, Distractions!


I have been busy. I have not been to work since Sunday. I was just burnt out. I had not been sleeping well for weeks and after a certain amount of time walking around “zombiefied” like that, it hits and it hits hard! I crashed hard on Monday night, all day Tuesday, Wednesday was a wash, although I finally roused myself to go out and run. The weather was nice at least.

We had a nasty snow and ice storm on Tuesday, but by Wednesday it was nice enough and all of the ice had melted so one could go out and walk or run or whatever. Amazing in New York City people manage to do anything in any weather. Especially food delivery guys. I’ve seen them riding their trusty “truck bikes” in snow and rain and wonder if it’s worth it just to get a hot pizza to someone’s house in less than an hour.

I, myself would rather cook or throw together my own creations. I’ve learned how to cook past poisoning myself ( and others ) and make liberal use of that skill. Unless I am lazy. Then I go up the block to Ali Baba’s Chicken Shack . . . . . . No, don’t you bother looking for that name on Google NYC. It only exists in my mind. Oh-oh. . . . . .

What else did I do. Oh yes I received my Andromeda collectible yesterday! Of course it was wrongly advertized as being the shirt ( singlet ) Keith Hamilton Cobb (  Tyr Anasazi )  wore on the show. In actuality it was not THE SHIRT but A THREAD FROM THE SHIRT! I kinda figured that would happen, but I’m happy anyway. I was facinated to find out that it wasn’t black, but navy blue!. As I said, I’m all smiles.

Also, since The House Of Cobb didn’t have a chat, I installed a free Meebo Chat bar! I tested it and it works great, I just have to get all of the members to sign up and we’ll have chat! I wonder why I didn’t do this earlier? Distracted I guess.

Well, that’s it for now. I just wanted to check in. I haven’t been as faithful with this blog of late, and I promised I would write more. Well, I have, but not here. . . . I’ll have to remedy that. . . . . . .

Gotta Bounce!



I’m not feeling well because I’m NOT sleeping again. It seems like ever since Mom passed I haven’t been able to really get my groove back. I would sleep here and there but not regularly.

I would fall asleep and wake up an hour later and peer at the clock on my night table. So a month ago I just unplugged the thing, but I still wake up. The thing is if I tell my doctor this she will put me back on Ambien, and that is the last thing I need. I really need to start taking my herbals again. No more prescription stuff for me. That damned Ambien is just as bad as street grade heroine, and just as addictive. Of course the doctors never tell you that! Only a few will own up to it and tell you. The others will keep their mouths shut, so they can continue to get kick-backs from the drug companies. The more prescriptions they give out for the accursed stuff, the more money they make on the side. You know?

Let me shut up! I’m already in enough trouble. . . . . . . . . . I’ve got enough bulls eyes and cross hairs painted on my back!

But I tell you I don’t know what it is, but ever since my Mom died I’ve been letting folks have it! I figure it this way. I don’t have time to listen to bullshyte! If your going to speak to me, speak to me with some kind of sense. Cut the nonsense, trying to manipulate, trying to “get over”, and the crap because I’ve been there and done that! We are all ( hopefully ) adults here and can take it. If not, I’m sorry but I don’t have time to nurse, change your diaper, and swaddle you. Step to me right or step off!

No, I’m not being mean, surly, crotchety, grouchy, bitchy, etc. I just want you to get to the point, that’s all. I’m NOT impressed by the verbal song and dance. Perhaps 30 years ago I would’ve been impressed, but not now. Certainly NOT NOW!

I’d better go. . . . . .
This post is not turning out too well.. . . . . . . . . .
Perhaps this symptomatic of lack of sleep . . . . . . . . . . . .