I SAY it the way I SEE it!

Expletive Deleted!


Well! I had more house cleaning to do last night. Not good because It was one of my friends. Well, it was starting to be a budding friendship.

One of the ladies from our little “Drom” group or fellowship texted me last night and warned me about I’ll name him “A” and that he was a fraud. I was starting to have some suspicions about him due to the fact that he never seemed to have a job, but always had a lot money. But, even though he had so much money, he lived in a rooming house. Huh? That must be one hell of a rooming house! Must have a doorman. . . . . . .

Anyway, she told me that A had sent her a $1,000.00 check ( that she didn’t ask for ) and she put it into her bank. Surprise, Surprise, the damned thing bounced costing her a crap load of overdraft costs and her rent and bills to be late because she had to pay them. She told me that she called A and complained about the check. He told her to send it back ( which I would never had done ) and she did. He claimed he was going to send her another to replace it. Actually he promised to wire her the money. That was last week and he has not wired her, So today she has to shut her cellphone service off until she can pay off everything.

Of course, you know who I work for and I told her flat out to file a police report on his butt! Sending a fraudulent check to the mail and her trying to cash it and finding it had no money, that is a Grand Larceny in New York City! I don’t know what it is in her neck of the woods though. She wanted to wait until she had money to take him to court ( small claims ), but I told her to file a police report ( as soon as she gets a copy and documentation from the bank ) and let the detectives go to work on it.

I have a funny feeling that since he sent the check from NYC the whole procedure may have to be done here in New York City. Starting with the address where he sent the check from or the bank listed on the check.

In light of this, I’ve removed him from my FaceBook friends and I’ve locked him out of the House Of Cobb. Since I’m the site owner I can kick him out, but A happens to be very computer savy and may try to weasle his way back in as someone else. So I locked his account, which prevents him from ever getting back in. Period!

The only thing I might have to worry about is the fact that he calls constantly. But, my phone has a handy-dandy automatic number dump. If you want to reject a call or number, all you have to do is press the button and WHAM! No more pestilence! LOL LOL LOL! ::wicked and gleeful smile::

He didn’t bother me much, possibly because of who I work for. Damn Skippy!! I’ll have the cops on his butt like the speed of lightning! As a matter of fact, if he does come around, I’ll automatically call the cops on him for harassment!

What a pain in the. . . . . . . . . I’ll be nice. NECK!

Gotta Bounce!


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