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Sorry I haven’t been here. Been kinda busy. First of all I had a schedule change. Stupid job sent me to a class on Monday ( 3/7/2011 ), so I had to work a double on Monday. I worked my regular shift, left an hour early to travel uptown to attend the class which would be all day too, The horrid thing about it was the fact that they was supposed to give me a tour change at the same time as the notification for the class. They did not, so I did MY OWN tour change.

Now the class was a sham. Like most of the classes NYPD has. You sit there at these classes and in my humble opinion, you don’t really learn anything. A complete waste of time and taxpayer money!

Why was I at this class? Because The Queen Bee was sending me. Actually The Boss Lady convinced her to send me ( and all of my co-workers ) to it. NYPD is slowly computerizing a lot of the work which used to be typed ( that’s right I said TYPED ) and therefore taking tasks away from us.

It makes our work easier because we had less to be concerned about. As it is we have tons of paperwork to be concerned about, then dealing with the public is no joke. There is such a thing as inundating a worker to the point where they just totally shut down. Let’s just say some workplaces take multitasking to the nth degree. . . . .

Anyway, with all of these threats that the Mayor is going to be doing mass layoffs and trying to dissolve some unions, The Boss Lady is playing Pick Up Sticks.

For those of you who are my age or older and some younger may remember the game where kids threw down a handful of colored sticks. And the game was to remove as many sticks from the pile without disturbing and collapsing the pile. The one who had the most sticks in the end was the winner.

Well, The Boss Lady is doing the same thing here. She saw this new task and she immediately said, “I have to get my people trained.” Why? The more things we know how to do, the less likely they will lay us off, or so she thinks. Perhaps if it was another agency and another time, but during this time of austerity, if they have to lay you off, they will lay your butt off. If you happen to be holding the building up, they will lay you off and simply let the building fall and deal with the pieces. I know it is a sick way to run a business, but this is what is SOP for NYPD.

The bad thing was the class I went to involved working with a computer system which requires an officers signature and thumbprint to get it to work. We ARE NOT officers, so that means we can’t use it! I guess that also accounted for the fact that I was the only PAA ( civilian worker ) in a class full of cops, Sergeants and Detectives. . . . . . . .

The Boss Lady should know better because she’s been working there longer! There are some tasks that PD just doesn’t want us to do. So what’s the big push? Ya know?
Anyway, I came home and crashed! I slept all night like the dead. The next day, unfortunately most of the day was spent prone. Today, I managed to get a little done, I even went out and RAN! But, once I got home from grocery shopping and got cleaned up. I crashed again! I’m telling you, a person who has insomnia should not do doubles.

Well I’m sleeping pretty good now. When I go back to work, it is a different story. I have to make sure I tell the doctor this next week when I see her. Fat lotta good she’ll do. . . .

Oh, by the way I’ve been promoted again on The Online Star Base! I’m still a Lieutenant but I’ve been given the title of “Correspondent” which means I will be responsible to produce a monthly article for their online magazine called The Blue Alert.

I had been frittering around and trying to avoid doing it because I’m already writing for Free Enterprise. I felt I would be taking on too much. Plus, the article has to be Trek related. So that means research and stuff. Sigh. I’ll try it and see.

One of the guys from OSB who I keep in touch with told me this morning during chat “Boy! You really write a lot!” Yep! And he hasn’t seen my blogs or my RPGs. . . . . . . . .

I’m again debating whether I should enter NaNoWriMo. I think I am. It might be a big FAIL, but at least I tried. . . . .

Speaking of writing, I’m up to Chapter 80 in Free Enterprise! There is an end to the story, but the end will be more like a new beginning.

I gotta bounce
Via Con Dios Hola!


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