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Back Again!


Sorry I was AWOL for a couple of days. They were my RDO’s ( or Regular Days Off in NYPD lingo ) and I spent them mostly asleep. I’s supposed to do all kinds of errands and stuff around the house on my days off, but I was so tired I just crashed. Like I’ve said many times in the past, I don’t sleep very well while during my work week, which is from Friday to Tuesday. So when I have my days off, I end up prostrate.

Had I not had a standing appointment with my therapist ( Mikki ), I wouldve stayed in the house like a hermit on Wednesday. But since I had to get up and go out, I got up and ran then went to my appointment and after that I waundered about in the Open Air Market and looked at some stuff, then went to Barnes & Noble and to the Vitamin Shop. I also went to Walgreens to pick up my Tramisu ( I think that’s how you spell that ) and found they had none out because the freezer is broken.

I spoke to the manager and he said the freezer needed to be fixed and they had called in someone who was going to be there that evening. Hopefully they would have everything up and running by tomorrow. Unfortunately, I am suffering from a Tramisu addiction and needed my fix!

I know it’s horribly unhealthy but those little De-Lish Walgreens cakes are the only things that are keeping some weight on my bones. I literally don’t have an appetite most of the time, so I eat cake. I really should eat bananas or something else, but I HATE bananas! I know they are good for me, but they make me gag!. Oatmeal does the same thing to me also. Perhaps it’s the consistency of the stuff. . . . . .

Now, on to more serious matters.

My vacation. Every year around March/April we get a vacation pick sheet. Each employee is supposed to pick out the vacation weeks they want for the year. This year I picked the 3rd week of June in order to go to the International Christian Convention in Baltimore Maryland, to go with my church. They attend this event at our mother church every year and in times past, I had no problems going. All of a sudden about 5 years ago I had this big problem getting the time off to go.

Apparently they ( THE JOB ) couldn’t spare me to go because of “Lack of Staff”. When they say that, they mean they don’t have anyone to cover my spot while I’m away. So in order to make sure they have staff, they tell you that you MUST select another time to take vacation.

The last couple of years this happened because my co-worker “bumped” me. She had seniority and wanted that week and just took it, leaving me empty handed. Now, this year she is no longer there and I have another co-worker. Only this time I have seniority and they still bumped me out of that week. So I gave up the week. I was so looking forward to going down to Baltimore with my church. . . . . . .

Now, I had also put in for on week in July where I was planning to attend ShoreLeave down in Towson Maryland. I thought everything was okay on that week, until I got into work tonight. I got a note in my mailbox that there is a conflict and that the Powers That Be Suggested I take another week. Now, I have to cancel my hotel reservations. Damn it all to hell and gone!

Since I have two weeks I did not use, I’m taking the first two weeks off in August to commemorate the 1st year anniversery of Mom’s death. I want to see what they are going to have to say about that. If they come back to me with more changes, I’m going to go to Mikki and report them. She like my old therapist keeps asking me when am I going on vacation. It looks like this crazy place doesn’t want me to go on vacation. Which by the way is a violation of my rights. If everyone else can go on vacation, so can I. I can see if I don’t have time on the books, but I have time and I am entitled. And I don’t give a flip if they don’t have anyone to cover for me. That’s their problem.

For all the years I worked there they were ALWAYS short handed. And they will always be short handed. Know why? Because they treat their workers like Sugar Honey Iced Tea, that’s why!! And just because you are short handed you don’t used that as an excuse to work people to death and deny them vacation time.

I also believe this is a form of harassment. Sad to say, they love picking on the nutter . . . . . .

I know. Shut up Wolfie. . . . . .


Drama On The Bus!


Drama on the bus! What’s that all about? Well it started out like this. I left home early to go to work last night ( 10:30pm ) in order to get to work early and purchase dinner. I got the bus early but I didn’t expect to get drama on the way there.

About on quarter of the way to my destination, this guy comes across the street and hails the bus and begs the bus driver to let him and his family on. With NYC MTA you are supposed to pay your fare, but in certain dire circumstances a kindly bus driver will let you on. So the bus driver told him to get his family and get on. They got with tons of luggage.

It turns out that they came from Georgia and were supposed to be heading back, but they were taking the Dragon Express, which is what some of us call those Fly By Night Bus companies which sprung up all over New York Cities Chinatown lately. They can take you down to Virgina for 20 dollars one way, but the trick is, they are unlicensed, the drivers don’t speak English and they are downright dangerous!

So this particular bus driver just up and decided he just didn’t want to drive anymore for the night and threw all of his passengers off the bus! Just like that! Can you imagine that? So this poor family didn’t have anywhere else to go for the night. So the MTA bus driver took them on, took them up about a half amile and suggested a low cost hotel in the area for the night. Unreal!

It;s really sad but The Dragon Express buses have been running out of China Town for years. It used to be just to the casinos but now they go as far away as Canada. But like I said, you’d be taking a chance riding with them. They are not regulated, that’s why they are so cheap. And lately they’ve been having a lot of accidents. And this thing about throwing passengers off, it’s the first time I’ve heard it. But I bet it won’t be the last time.

I’ve also heard that certain lines are run by gangs ( or “Tongs” as the Chinese refer to them ) and they get into spats and shoot and stabb each other over routes. Would you want someone driving you and your family down to Washington DC? I think not!

I’ve also been seeing people sleeping in the street at certain bus spots. The Dragon Express buses sued to have curbside pick up. But, that was causing a horrendous traffic problem, so Mayor Bloomberg banned that. He passed an ordinance where the bus company had to open a storefront with seats to accommodate would be passengers so they won’t have to wait in the street and out of the elements. So now these places have been closing down early and stranding passengers who bought tickets for late trips.

It looks like I’m going to have to look up my local assembly person and give them a call. The last thing you need are people sleeping in the street while waiting until the next morning for a bus. This may sound horrible and racist, but just because people may do that over there in China, doesn’t mean that goes well for over here too. I don’t and know others who live in my neighborhood, don’t want it to turn into a mini third world country.

I know. It’s time for the Wolf to stop barking. . . . . . .

The Rook


I’ve been thinking about my job a lot lately. Which I should not be doing because it is negative and destructive thinking. But, alas I have.

Though I’d love to think that I am a valued worker and not everyone, but, at least some of the people like me and if I were to leave I would be missed. . . . . . . .

But, this is not so.

Working on my job is like swimming in a shark tank. All the sharks are fine while they are swimming together, but let something happen and blood gets in the water. Then they will turn on and eat each other. That’s how it is at work.

As for my value, I have none. As far as I’m concerned, I am a rook. For those of you who play chess ( I play occasionally and POORLY ) the rook is the most expendable piece on the board. It’s usually the first piece to make the opening move, and the first piece to be knocked out of the box because it is better to sacrifice a rook, than a knight, a queen or a king.

I know this is a poor commentary of my workplace but, I’ve learned to trust God and be content with my lot. In the past many things have been tried in order to get rid of me, but because of God’s mercy and grace, I’m still working here. It’s also amazing that the same people who tired to stab me in the back and cut my throat are no longer working there. Some have been transfered, fired, and retired.

I tell you: “No weapon formed against me shall prosper.” God must want me here for a purpose, so I may as well settle down and live with it until such time I either retire, or He takes me home to my eternal reward.

Funny. They thought very little of Jesus also. . . . . . .

My Cat Is Mad & Other Musings


It is I! I’m trying to be good and make entries as often as I can. I didn’t make entries for a while because I really didn’t have things to talk about, but now I do.

First up. My cat Biscuit. I’ve noticed that ever since my Mom died ( August 4, 2010 ) my cat Biscuit has been acting really strange. Of my two cats, he was the one who was most attached to her and she to him. So, he took it kind of hard when I had to commit her to a nursing home in 1999. He just didn’t see her anymore and in his little feline mind probably didn’t understand what happened to her.

Now, after she died I noticed he had been acting really weird. Biscuit was always a very picky eater and would not eat for days if he didn’t like what you put down for him. He would finally eat because he was simply starved. There was very little he liked except for tuna. All cats love tuna.

Well, afte Mom passed I noticed the exact opposite happened. instead of refusing food, Biscuit became increasingly greedy. My habit is to two bowls of food out for them all day and night. One bowl with all dry food and another bowl I put can food into twice a day.

Previously when I put the canned food out, Biscuit used to sniff it, turn up his nose and run away. By that he meant “YUCK!” Now, he SNARFS up everything! As a matter of fact he gobbles up all of the food and if Spiral is not there, he gets nothing! when Biscuit is finished the BOWL IS CLEAN! I don’t even have to wash it!

I had a puppy and the puppy used to eat like that, but, Biscuit is NOT A PUPPY. He’s a cat and cats are not supposed to eat like that! Unless it is a lion or something like that. . . . . . And the funny thing is, he’s not gaining any weigh!

I wish I had money to take him to a cat shrink. They would probably bilk me then tell me that Biscuit was indeed affected by Mom’s death even thought they were separated by 30 mikes and had been so for ten years. They would also tell me that Biscuit is SUBLIMATING. Since NANA is no longer alive he is sublimating/substituting food in her place. OUI VAY!

well since I don’t have that kind of money to throw away I’m gonna have to deal with my feline PACMAN in my own way. Now if I put food down, if he eats it all in one setting, that’s it, no more until later. Like HOURS later. If he wants more, he will have to eat the dry kibble. So now Biscuit has taken to following me into the kitchen EVERY time I go in there. For example, if I got into the kitchen 20 times, he literally wants to be fed twenty times!

I really think the poor creature’s screws are loose! I just feel bad that there is nothing I can really do for him except to keep him on lock down and let him know he is only to be fed certain times and that’s it. Period. Dot. And for those times where he gets huffy with me, I have a fly swatter with his name on it!

Unreal! I thought cats are supposed to be quiet and cerebral creatures. . . . . . . .

I know this is a horrid thought but, my mom suffered from psychological illnesses. I do also, and now my cats do. Since when do things like this spread to household pets? Is that even possible? What a horror id it can. . . . . . . .


On another note, I Thank God for another Resurrection Day! No, this is not Easter day for me. To Mom, and to me ( now ) Easter was a pagan holiday which has NOTHING to do with Christ’s death on the cross! That’s right, chocolate bunnies and rainbow colored eggs have nothing to do with Jesus! Easter or ISHTAR was a pagan holiday made up to take the place of and distract people away from the saving grace of Christ.

Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice when he came down to Earth. First he removed all of his Glory and Deity like a man taking off a coat and hanging it up. He came down to Earth as the little baby Jesus that was born in a manger ( supposedly on Christmas Day ). Approximately 33 years later Jesus hung on the cross and suffered the most painful, humiliating and torturous death on the cross, so that sinners might be saved.

Approximately 30 years ago I made the decision to accept Christ as my personal Lord and Saviour. It has been a rough road, but after all that time together I can truly sing:

It will be worth it all, when I see Jesus . . . . . .


Run, Wolfie, Run!


Wolfie went for a run yesterday. Yep, I still have the siactica problem and it still hurts, but not as bad Thank God!. I guess the muscle and nerves are loosening up so I have a lot more mobility and stuff. I can sit down and get up with out screaming in pain. I can also lie down and get up without similar discomfort. I’m still using my climbing staff though.

I am finding that maybe perhaps I’m a tad irritated because I’m in pain, but I feel like clouting people over the head with my “cane”. Stupid people who walk and text on the street. You walk up behind them and they are walking real slow. Why? because the i-diots are texting! Or they are on a cellphone and their conversation is so LOUD it is disturbing! Especially if it graphic! Then you have the nuts who want to bum rush you in order to get a seat, no matter if you are elderly or have a handicap or what. Those people I just want to trip. Sad, right?

That’s my story for now. God willing and if Christ tarries, I will be back soon. These past few months have been real. And I don’t like the fact that I didn’t write much. That was not good at all. And Nikki my social worker told me that I need to do as much writing/blogging as possible.

Like Lord Byron once said, and I paraphrase: “If writers don’t write to empty thier brains, they would go mad.”

Hasta La Pasta! LOL!



Aside from today being Friday, why is today GOOD? It is because the Lord Jesus Christ died on this day over 2000 years ago to permanently set man free from the bonds of sin, If he wants to be free! That’s what John 3:16 is all about!

The next reason is, I’m getting around without the agony I was having earlier last week and this week. Last week at this time I could hardly walk. Monday I managed to go out and jog, even the jog was like Ouch-Ouch, Ouch-Ouch, Ouch-Ouch every step I took. It helped to stretch out the muscles that were cramped up along with the inflamed siactic nerve. . . . . . . .

Once I heal up I’m going to seriously look into doing Chant-less yoga. I need to limber up some. I’m also doing a lot more walking.

I’ve also made some drastic changes in the way I carry things now. No more rolling bag. The darned thing was too heavy, So I have a tote I put Izzze and the bare necessities into to take to work and church. No more carrying house and home like a terrapin ( turtle ). Perhaps if I can find the right kind of knapsack, I will carry one again. But, the ones I have are just too big. They make me look like a Teen Age Mutant Ninja Turtle!

Other than that, things have been quiet. Haven’t written much. I was in too much pain to sit up and peck away at the computer keyboard, so I stayed abed like a lazy goat. I did manage to write some stuff down, but when I finally got a chance to brain storm I didn’t use what I wrote. That’s becasue I already knew what I was going to write in advance.

Like I already know what’s going to happen way in the future of Free Enterprise. I just have to get there little by little, chapter by chapter. I guess that’s how Ayn Rand felt. . . . . . . . . .

Anyhoo, I must bounce. God willing I will be back soon.

Via Con Dios!

AOL, MIA, CIA, FBI & All That Jazz

AOL, MIA, CIA, FBI & All That Jazz. .

I’m only doing this because I got my little weekly reminder letting me know that I had not made a blog entry for a whole week. Horrible, simply horrible.

What kept me away was my siatica. . . . .again. You’d think after all of those years of power lifting, I would know how to lift something properly. One slip and I was laid up for nearly a week.

I was in so much pain that I could not sit, stand walk, talk, etc. Definitely sitting at the computer was out of the question. Not saying I didn’t have ideas for my stories. I did, but for the first time in a very long time, I was just too sick to write, even in bed ( which is why I enjoy the convenience of having Izzy my netbook ).

On top of that I had to do my taxes. For about twenty years I had a friend at the church who did my taxes for me. Last year she told me, “Wolfie, everything is going digital, so you are gonna have to go on line and do it yourself. The IRS and the State of New York are not printing out forms anymore because they want people to file on line . . . . . . . . .”

So, I used the site she recommended and did the best I could under the circumstances. I was in so much pain, I was just happy I didn’t have to pay the IRS money.

Incidentally, a friend of mine emailed and told me that she had to pay this year. She makes about the same as I ( middle income ) so why does she have to pay?

I know that as of last August I ceased having a dependent because Mom died. So I’m really gonna be hosed unless I can squeeze out triplets right quick. And that is NOT happening at my age. . . . . .

Ya know, right now, I’m just happy I can walk.

Oh, bye the way, I’ve got this snazzy little cane. Actually it is a “Climbing/Hiking Staff” and though I have a blue and black one, I use the red one the most. Why? Because inattentive jerks in the street trip over it cuz they can’t see it! I know, what a sad commentary of the human race. . . . . . .