I SAY it the way I SEE it!



Aside from today being Friday, why is today GOOD? It is because the Lord Jesus Christ died on this day over 2000 years ago to permanently set man free from the bonds of sin, If he wants to be free! That’s what John 3:16 is all about!

The next reason is, I’m getting around without the agony I was having earlier last week and this week. Last week at this time I could hardly walk. Monday I managed to go out and jog, even the jog was like Ouch-Ouch, Ouch-Ouch, Ouch-Ouch every step I took. It helped to stretch out the muscles that were cramped up along with the inflamed siactic nerve. . . . . . . .

Once I heal up I’m going to seriously look into doing Chant-less yoga. I need to limber up some. I’m also doing a lot more walking.

I’ve also made some drastic changes in the way I carry things now. No more rolling bag. The darned thing was too heavy, So I have a tote I put Izzze and the bare necessities into to take to work and church. No more carrying house and home like a terrapin ( turtle ). Perhaps if I can find the right kind of knapsack, I will carry one again. But, the ones I have are just too big. They make me look like a Teen Age Mutant Ninja Turtle!

Other than that, things have been quiet. Haven’t written much. I was in too much pain to sit up and peck away at the computer keyboard, so I stayed abed like a lazy goat. I did manage to write some stuff down, but when I finally got a chance to brain storm I didn’t use what I wrote. That’s becasue I already knew what I was going to write in advance.

Like I already know what’s going to happen way in the future of Free Enterprise. I just have to get there little by little, chapter by chapter. I guess that’s how Ayn Rand felt. . . . . . . . . .

Anyhoo, I must bounce. God willing I will be back soon.

Via Con Dios!


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