I SAY it the way I SEE it!


It is I! I’m trying to be good and make entries as often as I can. I didn’t make entries for a while because I really didn’t have things to talk about, but now I do.

First up. My cat Biscuit. I’ve noticed that ever since my Mom died ( August 4, 2010 ) my cat Biscuit has been acting really strange. Of my two cats, he was the one who was most attached to her and she to him. So, he took it kind of hard when I had to commit her to a nursing home in 1999. He just didn’t see her anymore and in his little feline mind probably didn’t understand what happened to her.

Now, after she died I noticed he had been acting really weird. Biscuit was always a very picky eater and would not eat for days if he didn’t like what you put down for him. He would finally eat because he was simply starved. There was very little he liked except for tuna. All cats love tuna.

Well, afte Mom passed I noticed the exact opposite happened. instead of refusing food, Biscuit became increasingly greedy. My habit is to two bowls of food out for them all day and night. One bowl with all dry food and another bowl I put can food into twice a day.

Previously when I put the canned food out, Biscuit used to sniff it, turn up his nose and run away. By that he meant “YUCK!” Now, he SNARFS up everything! As a matter of fact he gobbles up all of the food and if Spiral is not there, he gets nothing! when Biscuit is finished the BOWL IS CLEAN! I don’t even have to wash it!

I had a puppy and the puppy used to eat like that, but, Biscuit is NOT A PUPPY. He’s a cat and cats are not supposed to eat like that! Unless it is a lion or something like that. . . . . . And the funny thing is, he’s not gaining any weigh!

I wish I had money to take him to a cat shrink. They would probably bilk me then tell me that Biscuit was indeed affected by Mom’s death even thought they were separated by 30 mikes and had been so for ten years. They would also tell me that Biscuit is SUBLIMATING. Since NANA is no longer alive he is sublimating/substituting food in her place. OUI VAY!

well since I don’t have that kind of money to throw away I’m gonna have to deal with my feline PACMAN in my own way. Now if I put food down, if he eats it all in one setting, that’s it, no more until later. Like HOURS later. If he wants more, he will have to eat the dry kibble. So now Biscuit has taken to following me into the kitchen EVERY time I go in there. For example, if I got into the kitchen 20 times, he literally wants to be fed twenty times!

I really think the poor creature’s screws are loose! I just feel bad that there is nothing I can really do for him except to keep him on lock down and let him know he is only to be fed certain times and that’s it. Period. Dot. And for those times where he gets huffy with me, I have a fly swatter with his name on it!

Unreal! I thought cats are supposed to be quiet and cerebral creatures. . . . . . . .

I know this is a horrid thought but, my mom suffered from psychological illnesses. I do also, and now my cats do. Since when do things like this spread to household pets? Is that even possible? What a horror id it can. . . . . . . .


On another note, I Thank God for another Resurrection Day! No, this is not Easter day for me. To Mom, and to me ( now ) Easter was a pagan holiday which has NOTHING to do with Christ’s death on the cross! That’s right, chocolate bunnies and rainbow colored eggs have nothing to do with Jesus! Easter or ISHTAR was a pagan holiday made up to take the place of and distract people away from the saving grace of Christ.

Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice when he came down to Earth. First he removed all of his Glory and Deity like a man taking off a coat and hanging it up. He came down to Earth as the little baby Jesus that was born in a manger ( supposedly on Christmas Day ). Approximately 33 years later Jesus hung on the cross and suffered the most painful, humiliating and torturous death on the cross, so that sinners might be saved.

Approximately 30 years ago I made the decision to accept Christ as my personal Lord and Saviour. It has been a rough road, but after all that time together I can truly sing:

It will be worth it all, when I see Jesus . . . . . .



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