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Drama On The Bus!


Drama on the bus! What’s that all about? Well it started out like this. I left home early to go to work last night ( 10:30pm ) in order to get to work early and purchase dinner. I got the bus early but I didn’t expect to get drama on the way there.

About on quarter of the way to my destination, this guy comes across the street and hails the bus and begs the bus driver to let him and his family on. With NYC MTA you are supposed to pay your fare, but in certain dire circumstances a kindly bus driver will let you on. So the bus driver told him to get his family and get on. They got with tons of luggage.

It turns out that they came from Georgia and were supposed to be heading back, but they were taking the Dragon Express, which is what some of us call those Fly By Night Bus companies which sprung up all over New York Cities Chinatown lately. They can take you down to Virgina for 20 dollars one way, but the trick is, they are unlicensed, the drivers don’t speak English and they are downright dangerous!

So this particular bus driver just up and decided he just didn’t want to drive anymore for the night and threw all of his passengers off the bus! Just like that! Can you imagine that? So this poor family didn’t have anywhere else to go for the night. So the MTA bus driver took them on, took them up about a half amile and suggested a low cost hotel in the area for the night. Unreal!

It;s really sad but The Dragon Express buses have been running out of China Town for years. It used to be just to the casinos but now they go as far away as Canada. But like I said, you’d be taking a chance riding with them. They are not regulated, that’s why they are so cheap. And lately they’ve been having a lot of accidents. And this thing about throwing passengers off, it’s the first time I’ve heard it. But I bet it won’t be the last time.

I’ve also heard that certain lines are run by gangs ( or “Tongs” as the Chinese refer to them ) and they get into spats and shoot and stabb each other over routes. Would you want someone driving you and your family down to Washington DC? I think not!

I’ve also been seeing people sleeping in the street at certain bus spots. The Dragon Express buses sued to have curbside pick up. But, that was causing a horrendous traffic problem, so Mayor Bloomberg banned that. He passed an ordinance where the bus company had to open a storefront with seats to accommodate would be passengers so they won’t have to wait in the street and out of the elements. So now these places have been closing down early and stranding passengers who bought tickets for late trips.

It looks like I’m going to have to look up my local assembly person and give them a call. The last thing you need are people sleeping in the street while waiting until the next morning for a bus. This may sound horrible and racist, but just because people may do that over there in China, doesn’t mean that goes well for over here too. I don’t and know others who live in my neighborhood, don’t want it to turn into a mini third world country.

I know. It’s time for the Wolf to stop barking. . . . . . .


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