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How Would You. . . .?


The burning question I have for everyone is a simple one. If you really hate, detest and abhor your job and you were suddenly given the chance to leave, new job, new business, winning the lotto, etc. How would you like to leave? With great fanfare? Out would you step out of the door to be seen nore more and let the Devil take the hind most?

I personally would opt for the latter. OMG! Wolfie! Why would you do that? After all you worked for those people for the last 19 years and. . . . . . . Yep! 19 years of pure hell and torture.

One of the ultimate insults were the fact that they did not believe I suffered from Bipolar Disorder and I had to bring in a letter from a board certified shrink attesting to the fact. Now because of that they have been on a harassment binge to get me to quit. The other more heinous insult was the fact that I had notified them all the particulars of my Mom’s funeral four days in advance and NOT A SOUL CAME TO REPRESENT FROM MY JOB!

Ever since then I’ve found my interest waining in the job. I haven’t been feeling like going to work and had been taking scads of time off for mysterious ailments. What I’m really going through are nasty bouts of depression and anxiety. Of course the job ( rather the people on the job ) don’t give a fudge. All they want people to do is to come to work, no matter what condition they are in.

There’s this award that NYPD gives out to it’s members called The Teddy Roosevelt Award. This award is only given to Members of the Service ( MOS for short ) who despite serious ailments had maintained PERFECT ATTENDANCE! Do you hear me? People who had things like Hodgekins Lymphoma, and Pancreatic Cancer and stuff like that where they had to go to radiation and stuff like that. Now, please tell me WHY would you want to continue working in that condition? If ever there was a reason to go out on disability. . . . . OMG!


And since I don’t love my job, I would just pack my crap up and leave without saying a word. Why would I do this? The Company ( as I call it sometimes ) treated my like Human debris for so long, I literally go on the defense as soon as I get to work. Why? Because they are always out to get you! I’m slowly starting to find it almost impossible to continue working there. So if I had a change, I would STEP as they say in the GHETTO.

Why am I engaging in such fanciful thinking? I’ve been looking for a legit way of working from home on my computer instead of commuting back and forward. I had put my resume up on one of those well know job websites and forgotten all about it. Several days ago I had went back into the data base and changed the type of job I was looking for to TELECOMMUTING. Where you can work from home doing data entry and stuff. I had heard there were legit jobs like that around, but most people who had them kept the info close to the vest. Why? Because there are many scams out there, especially on the internet!

I have tried everything, even doing surveys, which made me bonkers by the way.

Back to the story. Someone contacted me by phone, or rather tried to, given my crazy Vampire lifestyle. Of course they tried to call me during the daytime while I was out cold. . . . . . Anyway, they sent me an email and I’m going to respond and see what’s what. According to them I need only work 2-3 hours a day. I won’t get my hopes up, but I want to suss ( investigate ) it out anyway. It just might be legit. If it is and I like it, I’m taking it!

We shall see. . . . . .

Via Con Dios. . . .


A Rhetorical Question


This is going to be brief as I have to dash off to work. But fresh from a heated verbal dispute at work. . . .

How do you expect a worker to perform in a proper manner if you do not train them to do so? This question came up because of something a co-worker did and left. Mind you she was supposed to inform her co-workers on the next tour before she left that this work was pending. but she did not. Despite the fact that both me and The Boss Lady were there.

So I took the next step and did what I was supposed to do. First I showed the problem to The Boss Lady and she told me to take those steps and I did. Now the next morning ( this morning ) the lady from Crime Analysis came in and literally ATTACKED me in front of The Boss Lady for what I did. Of course I was mindful of the fact that The Boss Lady was standing right there and ALLOWED this to happen. . . . . . . .

After about a half hour of this nonsense, the issue was resolved by coming to the conclusion that my co-worker who was ill-trained was unfortunately responsible for the screw up.

The sad part in all of this is that fact that no one wanted to listen to the facts. It’s ATTACK first and ask questions later! The woman attacked me like I was the complete i-diot and didn’t know what the heck I was doing! And my ding-bat supervisor stands by and says nothing. It was as if, no not as if, she was literally watching the argument to see if I was going to be able to defend myself. Yes, my supervisor is the type of person who would let you twist in the wind! Even though she is the union rep ( another hat she wears ) she will not come to your defense. It’s like you’d better know your verbal Judo in there or you will be swallowed up and made responsible for things that you have nothing to do with.

As for my co-worker, she has only bee there for 6 months and really does not know the job properly. There are some many ins and outs of that job it take at least a year or so to learn them all. She is not being trained properly, period. The Boss Lady who is supposed to be training her is not training her at all. She is so lazy and irresponsible that she is depending on her subordinates to train her, when it is the SUPERVISORS job to do that. So, when ever the poor woman messes up, she blames the fact that she is not listening to instructions, etc.

My question is as always, how do you expect someone to do the job right unless they are trained properly? If you don’t invest time in training, then you should not excoriate the person. Simple as that.

Even Micky ( my new social worker ) asked me about that. How do you feel about working in an environment like that? I told her that I felt like I was working in a SHARK TANK, because SHARKS DEVOUR THEIR OWN AT TIMES OF HIGH AGITATION! The only thing she could say was WOW!

Wow is right! Is it any wonder I always pray when I’m in that place. . . . . . .

Via Con Dios.

Set Up!


Have you ever felt like you were being set up? Yeah, I have many times. And you would not believe where. Yep! That’s right! Right on my dear old job. That place is amazing I tell you. I have to pray constantly because I don’t know what to expect next.

What’s really bad is the fact that people who are supposed to be your friends or on your side are the very ones vying to set the hangman’s noose for you.

Case in point. I come in to work yesterday and there is this piece of work left right in the drawer where I store my pocketbook. Naturally, I open set drawer to put my bag up and . . . . .WHOAH! What the heck is this and what is it doing here? It was the type of work that should have been done on the previous tour, but, guess what, it was being left for me! It was one of those PRIORITY pieces which have one of those “right now” time limits. So the mere fact that this work was hanging around made me suspect something was up.

I took it to the Desk Officer and we had a long discussion about it and he determined that the work should be entered. It was supposedly being held for the complaining party to return, but, being that the complaining party was a tourist from China ( who would never return ), he decided not to wait and enter it anyway since it was a felony.

Funny thing, while this little drama was going on, my so called supervisor was no where around. She was at the office earlier, but before I came in, she had taken a powder. That’s standard operating procedure for her, you know. anyway after about two hours The Boss Lady comes back and I told her about the mystery paperwork. She was very nonchalant about it saying that she ordered one of the girls to leave it. I whole heartedly believe she did that on purpose to see what I would do. If I too would leave it.

Now, if I had left it. I would’ve gotten the what for and written up, but since I didn’t it was ho hum, YAWN! No entertainment there. You see how this place works.

Also, more harassment! I handed in my doctor’s notes and the next day I got them right back. I had to hang on to them for a whole day because I become infuriated every time I get these stupid notes from The Queen Bee. This time she sent my notes and absentee slips back because, as she claims I had written down the wrong dates, AND, she wants me to take my doctors note BACK TO THE DOCTOR and make her REWRITE them for the correct days! Have you ever? I sent her a note back that I will have the notes for her when I return to work on Friday since I have an appointment with Nikky my therapist on Wednesday. UNREAL!

Also, when I do turn in my notes, I will include in my envelope a note which states, to wit: THIS IS HARASSMENT!
That ought to shake their cage a bit. . . . . . . . . .

That’s my story. . . . . .

A Treaties On Canned Tuna

A Treaties on Tuna

I am very disgusted with canned tuna. Bumble Bee Tuna in water, to be exact. I have been faithful to Bumble Bee Tuna ever since I was a child, being introduced to it by Mom of course.

Back then, they didn’t have all of these different varieties of tuna. Tuna in water, Tuna in olive oil, Yellow Fin Tuna, etc. Tuna was just tuna.

Now, due to the health consciousness of the nation and world, we have Tuna In Water.

Now a local supermarket that I frequent ( Pathmark ) had a recent sale on canned Tuna because of the Jewish holidays ( Purim and Passover ). I’m not Jewish, but, I “racked up” on Tuna In Water.

Sad to say, I had forgotten the two rules of store sales. #1. Big chain supermarkets usually put items on sale that don’t sell. #2. The aforementioned items don’t sell because people DONT WANT THE DANMNED THINGS. . . . . . . . .

I was rudely awakened to reality when I prepared a salad to take to work last night. I found out that indeed Bumble Bee Tuna In Water IS TUNA IN WATER! Meaning, they put so much water into the tuna and made it into a mush like gruel. Ewwww and YUCK!

Now, though I’ve been a faithful devotee of Bumble Bee Tuna, I have officially sworn off the product. From now on it will either Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods, Tuna. It’ll cost more, but I won’t get crap!

Other than that, I’m okay. As long as I stay away from Bumble Bee Tuna. . . . . . .

Via Con Dios