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And Here We Go Again!


And Here We Go Again!

Well the spy was back again today. I arrived early and “C” was sitting in my seat and told me again that she was staying late. All this did for me was confirm that she was up to no good.

Like I said in my previous post, it was not like “C” was doing any work. She was merely dithering around, making it look like she was bus, all the while she was watching me. Now, for what just cause are you watching a co-worker? Do you think I’m suddenly gonna pull a rip cord and blow myself and everyone else to Kingdom Come?

All in all this nonsense is making me very nervous. I’ve been having back to back anxiety attacks which no one knows about but God. My therapist will be away for the next two weeks . . . . . sigh . . . . . . You know I will be going into much prayer.

Also the word is out that “C” wants MY spot on the midnight shift. Only two clericals can be on that shift at once, and she has ( from what I heard ) made the case that I am absent too much, so they need to take my place. What do I say to all of this?

First of all, all of this crap is nothing but rumors. In my eyes it’s nothing by psychological warfare. They’re always trying to mess with peoples heads in here. It’s horrible what one has put up with in order to earn a few pittance!

Anyway, if “C” wants the position, she can have it! She has no idea what I got through on my shift. With a supervisor who is little more than a figure head and does not believe in lifting a hand to do ANYTHING. It’s almost like that scene from “Coming To America” where the king had a servant to wipe his butt. . . . . “C”, girl if you can handle that, you can have it, but don’t come crying to me once you get it and you start getting licks. You wanted it, so you take and get the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Mostly UGLY though.

Only problem with the change is I have a very hard time adjusting. The last time they did an immediate switch on me like that, I nearly wound up in the hospital. When you change shifts like that it totally screws up your circadian rhythms. Like when they change you from day to mid-nights, or from days to four by twelves, or mid-nights to four by twelves.

The last time I did not sleep for weeks. I took cat naps like my cats. Two hours here, three hours there. I was one big MESS! I am not looking forward to do that again. In fact it may be another reason to run to the lawyer. After all I do have SENIORITY, unless that doesn’t count for nothing anymore. Since when 19 years doesn’t count for anything any more?

Feh! Enough of this . . . . . .

I’m Outy!


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