I SAY it the way I SEE it!


Where have I been? Nowhere really. Just resting. I was exhausted this week. I had so many things to do on my days off and I did absolutely nothing. Except laundry, run, and sleep.

I didn’t have an appointment with Mikki this week because she is on vacation for the next two weeks. But, she made sure she gave me some contact numbers just in case an emergency should arise. I’m happy to report, nothing has happened. Yet.

Other than that work has been quiet. The Boss Lady is on vacation this week too. Not that I notice. Like she does any work when she is there. . . . She is an expert at what they call “malingering”. My fave word is “dithering”, making like you are busy when you are really not, and to cover the fact that you don’t know what the hell you are doing.

Ops! Did I say that?

Also, by the time you read this I will no longer have a FaceBook page. After being kicked out and taking about four days for me to bust back into my own page, I decided that it was no longer worth my while to keep it. So I shut the thing down. I let a few of my friends know I was leaving and gave them the address of my personal message board where they can contact me.

They would have to join and start a profile and then they would be in like flint. I’d rather have a small and private message board than to deal with the hassles of FaceBook.

So far only three people have signed up. Three people out of 150 or so FaceBook friends. Which goes to prove, they are really not friends. They are just “web associates”.

I was listening to a talk show last week and the host said, because of the internet people call everyone friends. They just met the person on the internet and they are a friend. I agree! That’s not a friend! If you’ve never seen them in your life, that’s really not a friend! It’s just some personality ( not sure male or female ) on the internet and that’s that. Of course there are ALWAYS exceptions to that rule.

Well, better get going!

Blessed Be!

Rom 10:9-10


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