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The Last Day!


The Last Day!

You would not believe the amount of panic and uproar one man caused yesterday ( 05/21/2011 ). The one man’s name is none other than Harrold Camping, who predicted that Jesus was going to come back yesterday at precisely 1800 hours, or 6pm civilian time.

Supposedly he is a Christian, knows the Lord Jesus Christ as his personal Savior and owns a Christian radio station based in San Francisco California, and broadcasts all over the world by satellite and what not. In new York City, the call letters are WFNE. It’s called Family Radio.

I used to listen to it a lot right after I got saved, because I liked to hear the songs and the stories, teaching and bible readings. But, that back 19 years ago when I still worked during the day, so I could hear it at my desk. Once I started work with NYPD and started working midnights, I stopped listening and lost touch with the station.

About two years ago, a sister from my church suggested I turn the station on low and keep it playing in the background while I slept. Saying it would help to soothe me to sleep.

Well, it didn’t. Why? First of all, the station had drastically changed! There was not that much music and not as much bible reading and all of a sudden a person who used to be a trustee on the administrative board of the station had taken over and now owned the station. That was Harrold Camping. So since he took over, it was wall to wall Camping day and night!

The problem I had with him was the fact that his doctrines were flawed. I’ve been under the teaching of a wonderful and dedicated man of God for the past 30 years and I could clearly see the man didn’t know what he was talking about. Obviously he had not read the bible. Either that he chose to ignore great swaths of it.

I had a problem with the following:

First, when people called him Pastor, Reverend or Doctor, he would tell them he was neither of these. Hey wait one minute! You are handling people’s eternal souls and you are NOT a Pastor? Oh oh! That’s like practicing medicine without a license. . . . . . Only with God’s kingdom its a heck of a lot worse!

Second, he was telling people to get out of the churches. So where do people go to fellowship? He wanted them to listen to him. Oh-oh number two.

Three, about two years ago he began teaching that according to his mathematical calculations he had found out exact date and time Jesus was to return! OMG! OMG! OMG!

This was a clear lie against the fact that Jesus says in The Bible that “No man knows the day nor hour. Only the Father in Heaven knows.” I guess Mr Camping just ripped that page right out of the bible.

Well, I couldn’t listen to him anymore, and ignored the so called prediction. However the date crept up on me ( because I was busy with other stuff. . . . ) and in my fair city ( NYC ) I saw signs all over the place. Buses, Trains, Subway stations, etc. Then the news picked it up and they were relentless! Everyone was talking about it!

The people I most felt sorry for are the ones who believed Harrold Camping. I heard on the news that folks had quit their jobs, sold property, one man in NYC used his lifes savings to buy all of the adverts we saw on the trains and buses in NYC. 145K he spent! OMG!

Well, as you can see, the believers are still here because as God said: NO MAN KNOWS THE DAY NOR HOUR!

And when HE does come, He is going to come like a thief in the night. Thieves don’t exactly let you know when they are coming. So He told believers to “Be Watchful”.

I didn’t intend this to be a bible class, but this was something I needed to get off my chest.

I know one thing, not a soul should be listening to Harrold Camping anymore because according to the Bible ( Old Testament ) the proof of a prophet is the fact that they MUST BE 100 percent accurate! If they are not, they are to be ignored. Back in the Old Testament, they didn’t play, they stoned people like him. . . . . .

It was just amazing to see that he had so many followers. To quote PT Barnum: There is a sucker born every minute. In other words, Satan takes advantage of many who are blind. . . . . .


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