I SAY it the way I SEE it!

Sabotage & Betrayal


I’ve been meaning to get to this blog but I haven’t had the time. Too busy trying get quality sleep.

I heard from my friend Jo and she’s doing a lot better after she and her sons were down with a stomach virus. Ugh!

She also asked me my I pulled the plug on my FaceBook page ten days earlier than I said I would. I haven’t written back, but my answer is going to be plain and simple. I didn’t like the fact that The Powers That Be at Work were monitoring me on there. I had that problem last year and thought I had cleaned it up, but, obviously not.

The fact that my page was so completely hacked that even I could not get back into it. Then some of my friends were saying they got apology emails from FaceBook saying they ( FaceBook ) were sorry they ( friends ) could not access their page. I’m wondering why I didn’t get one of those emails? Simple, because they intended to TARGET ME! They probably used my friends as a trap door to get to me. . . . .

I know it sounds crazy. Well, if you really want to hear crazy, how about this? I’m being followed. Yeppers!

Cars parked outside the building watching as I leave and enter the building. It’s always a black car, or a black SUV and when I walk up on them, the driver will his his or her face.

Now, go figure. Crime is up in New York City. And according to a news report, WILDING is back. That’s when groups of teens pick a store, start a riot/fight, steal and beat up the staff, etc. Now all of this is going on and what is precious time and money being spent on what? Watching a poor, black, clerical worker.

It’s all a systematic program to freak me out and make me quit. But I’m not. God blessed me with that job, and if He wants me gone, I will be gone. Not by anyone’s hand just because they want me out! Period, Dot!

As for work itself, the mystery deepens. I went back to work after my days off and found the computer at the station I frequent. was completely dead.

Now what in the world would cause a CPU to completely die like that? Of course we all followed protocal and tried turning it off and on, disconnecting and reconnecting the wires, finally we called text support and supposedly someone from Dell will be there soon.

Now, The Boss Lady has been out since last week. The last time I saw her, she was acting very strangely. I believe they have been watching her also, and caught her sleeping upstairs in one of the ladies rooms. I walked in one day last week and saw a sign which said: This is NOT an employee rest area. Anyone caught using this room as such will be DISAPLINED. Oh-oh!

She was out on vacation for the very next week, so when she comes back she’s gonna meet a broken computer. Now, I’m going to watch and see what she does about it. We usually have three computer stations in our office, but with one down, we have only two, and some nights there are three of us present.

I wonder how these dynamics are gonna work. I automatically know The Boss Lady will want to sit in front of a working computer, even though she doesn’t do a stitch of work. This is gonna be “Fascinating” as Spock would say. . . . . .

The whole thing can be summed up as Sabotage. My East Indian co-worker told me that in so many words. Poor thing has such a heavy accent that most of the time I haven’t a clue as to what he is saying. However, when he told me this on Tuesday, my ears perked up.
Why? Because even though this is NYPD we are talking about, I am personally appalled at the stuff I see on a daily basis. The theft, the deliberate destruction of equipment, work sabotage, the malingering, etc. It’s really sad because a place which prides itself upon being a “Paramilitary Organization”. Is so completely and utterly corrupt and chaotic!

It’s so sad the crapola one has to deal with in order to have a job!

Now, you see why I pray constantly while at work. Constantly. The bible says: Pray without ceasing.

I’m Off. . . . . . . . .


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