I SAY it the way I SEE it!



AM I PARANOID? Some say I am, but I can prove that I am not! First I get all of these calls from my bank saying my account has been accessed and suspicious activity was detected. I call and find some bogus automated system asking me equally bogus questions.

I get an email from NETFLIX telling my my automated system payment is messed up and I should call them with new or refresh my information. These two things were obviously phishing schams to reveal more information about myself. Who ever it is will wind up in the slammer because I have a BK. No more need be said.

I also saw evidence that I was being followed. An unmarked used to wait outside my building, but in recent weeks they’ve gotten smart, because every time I’d see them, I’d try to peep in the window and see who the person was. They would always hid their faces or drive away. Lately they are waiting on the bus stop where I pick up the bus to go to work. It’s been SUVs, but last night it was a black car. Tomorrow night I may walk to work and make that a regular routine until it gets cold again.

Only problem with that is sometimes I am really tired and DON”T WANNA WALK! I know I sound like a little baby, but there are times where I’m really busted. Midnights can really take a lot outta you! And I’m an older woman too, no more Spring Chicken. . . . .

The radar is REALLY up at work too. Why? The Boss Lady came back from vacation TIREDER than she was before she went on vacation! I marveled that the poor could couldn’t keep her eyes open or head up and kept “disappearing” all morning to take naps. I seriously believe she is on some kind of drugs or something to be that drowsy. And sad to say, she doesn’t know they ( The Powers That Be ) are watching her butt, too. Because they knows she comes in and “malingers”. Ya gonna have to Google that one. . . . . .

Also, the fact that we have computer station down in our office didn’t phase her. Here I was all set for her to have one of her trade mark hissy fits and nothing, not even a peep! Which makes me believe the whole thing was set up to see what we would do. Plus my desk is kinda of where they cant see me. And they want it so that they can see me at all times. Yes, I know the paranoia is kicking into overdrive. Well I do suffer from Bipolar Disorder ya know. . . . . . Paranoia tends to come with certain psych illnesses. . . .

I also seriously believe that some body, don’t know who is trying to make me freak out. I just see little things that I don’t like thats all. Its sad to say that one must put up with ( and pray a LOT ) because of the foolishness which goes on in the workplace. Just so you can have a living wage these days. This place is nothing but an exercise in Psych Warfare. Really sad.

May God have Mercy Upon them because they know not what they do. The Bible says, “They kill you and think they did God a favor. . . . . . .”

Pray Without Ceasing. . . . . .


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