I SAY it the way I SEE it!



Please don’t ask me why. I think it’s because I’ve met some many people on Twitter who are also using WordPress. I will see how this goes.

I’ve been very busy writing of late. Free Enterprise is tripping along at 110 Chapters! I’m no way finished yet. There is a certain goal that I want my characters to reach and I haven’t reached it yet, by a long shot. So, the story continues.

Another good sign is I’m reading again. I’d all but given up on reading because of the amount of weight I carry on a daily basis. So when I got my Income Tax return, I immediately invested in a KINDLE, and I went crazy downloading books.

I must have about 12 versions of the Bible on there as well as 71 books. Surprisingly most of the books were very cheap, under ten dollars, many are 99 cents. And since some versions of the Bible are public domain, they are FREE!

One thing, the digital versions of books are definitely a lot cheaper than paper books. Sad to say, I can see where this is going to put the paper book publishing industry out of business! I love paper books, but they art HEAVY! And my Kindle ( whom I’ve named PINKY ) is so much lighter.

Another thing I’ve been doing. I’ve been a lot more politically active. I’m sick and tired of what President OBAMA is doing to this country. And I’m sick and tired of the fact that though the majority of my people ( Black people ) voted for him, he has royally given them the shiv! I can’t believe they didn’t see the man was a flim-flam artist from the get go!

Either the man is totally clueless about how to run the country ( and has a bunch of clueless idiots as an administration ) or he is DELIBERATELY destroying America so he can become a dictator! I think it is the latter instead of the former!

You see this is what we get for putting a man in the office of the President of the United States and he doesn’t even have a legit birth certificate!

Enough of this ranting before I start foaming at the mouth!


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