I SAY it the way I SEE it!

Rumors About Me. . . . .

Greetings!  Holas!  Howdy!

Welcome to my blog!  Now that you are here I’ll tall you a little about myself.

I’m what is called an “Old Guard” Star Trek fan, which means I’ve been watching Star Trek starting way back in the mid 60’s when it first aired until the last show aired.  That means TOS,  TNG, DS9,VOY, and Enterprise.  Plus, I’ve seen all of the movies

I’ also a die-hard “Andromeda” fan!  I love “Tyr Anasazi / Ketih Hamilton Cobb!  I’ve even started a fansite for him!  Ahhh,  some of the things we do for LOVE.

I also love to write ( fiction, non-fiction and fanfiction ) reading I also run, racewalk and weight train, I enjoy computers ( adoing a lot of GEEK stuff ), photography, instrumental jazz and oldies.


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