I SAY it the way I SEE it!

A Question


I know that there is a possibility that no one knows the answer to this question but I have to ask it anyway. What do you do when you find out that one of your so-called co-workers is spying on you?

How do I know this? Because a co-worker ( one of the new ladies ) who works on the 2nd shift was waiting when I got in. Now this lady never hangs around after her tour is up but this time she tells me: “Since I was an hour late, they are letting me stay for an hour over to make up.”

Now, in light of what my East Indian co-worker told me going on a week ago. I already know that something is up. I know that “they” have been following me, because I’ve seen people who are supposed to be undercover cops watching my building. Complete strangers that I never saw before in the building or neighborhood, and when I got a good look at them they would quickly turn their heads, cover face with newspaper, duck, or run. Poor “trade craft”, I tell ya. You’d think NYPD would know how to spy upon people in a more professional manner.

Anyway. . . . .

So this lady ( I’ll call her “C” ) stayed and didn’t do a lick of work. All C did was putter around, making it look like she was busy, and watched me.

Ladies and Gents, this is hard earned New York City taxpayer money going down the drain! You’ve got serious criminals out there that need to be tracked down and brought to justice and what are you doing? Watching a lowly clerical worker!

Of course because of all of this I am understandably paranoid and a ball of nerves. “They” already know that I suffer from Bipolar Disorder and they are intentionally going out of their way to “Make Me Lose My Mind, Up In Here! Up In Here!” like the song says.

But, I’m not gonna do that. . . . . . .

When Mikki comes back from vacation I must tell her about these things. I had told her about some and she thought I was delusional, but I’m not, “they” really do things like that to poor clerical employees to traumatize them and make them quit.

Me? I don’t intend to quit. If anything I will sue them for disability before I leave. If you want me out, you have to PAY me to go, plus, take care of me for life. Since you’ve traumatized me to the point where I can no longer function on the job without the fear of being followed, watched, etc.

And as for the probation, I haven’t heard a thing. Funny, since last week The Queen Bee and The Boss Lady have BOTH been out sick! Now isn’t THAT STRANGE? So whatever secret crap move they were going to make, can’t be made because they’ve both been sidelined. . . . . . . . .

I tell you, people need to be very careful about doing dirt behind peoples back like that.

The Bible is very specific when it says: “God is not mocked, whatsoever you do unto others shall be done unto you.”

You may never get caught because no one sees you, so you think. GOD SEES YOU! And HE will chastise accordingly. Sometimes His chastisement is to put you upon a bed of affliction. In that way He’s letting you know that HE is in control, not you!

Like I’ve said before:
“No Weapon Formed Against Me Shall Prosper!”
And I believe it! I’ve seen the hand of God intervene too many times, not to.

Now, if you don’t know Jesus Christ as Your Personal Savior, I suggest that you get to know Him. Once You do, you will never regret it. I can attest to that! But, you must prove it to yourself.

Romans 10:9-10
John 3:16

Sermon Ended. . . . .


Dragon Slayer


I should’ve been writing this week but I haven’t put a work to paper, or typed a word on my netbook. Why? because I’ve been dealing with crap! I think in a past post I mentioned I had received a letter from an individual who claimed they read my profile on the Social Go network and they wanted a photo of Moi and my email address. To top it off, they claimed that age, sex, religion and race did not limit them. Of course it sounded like a big steaming pile to me, so I didn’t bother with the thing.

Well, that was until I got another similar letter two weeks later. Well, not letter, an email in my email box. I had to look at the darned thing twice because I have not been on the Social Go network for over a year because I had closed deleted Keith’s website from there. I had totally forgotten that Social Go’s policy is that you have to submit a job or help ticket so THEY can delete your site. You pay all of that money for a site and they don’t even give you the power to delete the darned thing if you want to. Soooo, I finally went on there and asked them to delete the site.

So that is one dragon down.

On Monday this week, I got the very same email from what looks like the same person. It was the same form letter. I read and loved your profile and would love to exchange photos and met. Yada, yada, yada! The point of origin for this letter was from Klingon Space, another site I had not frequented in over a year! I solved that by going on Klingon Space and deleting my account.

Another one bites the dust!

Now I’m looking at my membership to Trek Space with a jaundiced eye, as Klingon Space and Trek Space both use the Ning web host network. if one can hack and spam one, one can certainly hack and spam another. so I’m “laying in the cut”. Any funny business and I kick Trek Space to the curb too. And as a matter of fact, I might just change my email address too. All I will have to do is give my new address out to my friends and business associates and dump the skells. It’a about time for me to have a completely clean slate anyway.

As for work, nothing yet. I haven’t heard a thing. I had emailed my therapist and she emailed back that the clinic has lawyers who deal specifically with disability discrimination cases at work and in housing, etc. She told me as soon as I get something concrete ( not rumor ), where I have to sign papers and stuff, to call and let her know. In fact she is going to be away for the next two weeks and just in case she gave me two contact numbers. One for her Supervisor and the lawyer just in case I need help then.

I’m glad she did that because I was going to ask about it. NYPD can be very sneaky when it come to things like that. They love to spring stuff like that on you at the last second. It’s all about having power, domination and intimidation over people. Personally I am disgusted and outraged that I work for such heartless BEASTS! And to top it off, they act like they are a Fortune Five Hundred company! Hah! The most Hillbilly Haysead Hicks have more class than NYPD, I’m sorry. If I had a choice, I’d rather go live with wolves. . . . . . . .

Well, that’s enough vituperatives and vitriol for now. . . . .

I’m Outy. . . . . . . .



Well, I’m waiting and waiting. I worked with the Boss Lady yesterday and she had ample opportunity to tell me when the storm is going to hit. But, she never mentioned a word. So, I guess the whole thing about probation and suspension is going to be a sneak attack.

One day I’m just gonna come to work and they ( The Powers That Be ) will spring it on me. In the meantime, I’m really not going to worry about it. As far as I’m concerned, what I heard was just thunder. You know, sometimes you just here thunder, but there’s no rain or storm afterwords.

Once I get the specifics, I’ll take it from there. . . . Right to the throne of The Most High and Holy God!

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against rulers of principalities and powers, and spiritual wickedness in high places.”

“Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world.”

“No weapon formed against me shall prosper.”

“I have learned, that in whatsoever state I am in to be content.”


I guess I can say things have been too quiet of late. I come into work and around 0130-ish my East Indian co-worker ( who can barely speak English bye the way ) calls me to the side and tells me The Boss Lady told him that they are considering putting me on probation because of my “excessive absenteeism”. . . . .

So they are officially back to the skullduggary, cloak and dagger trying to get rid of me again. That’s what probation means.

Actually, in order to fulfill probation, I would have to go an entire YEAR without taking any sick time. If I take any sick time, I would be automatically suspended. Now, how does a person who has a psych condition like mine have PERFECT attendance? I guess they want me to come to work and freak, I don’t know.

All I can see is GROSS INSENSITIVITY to mental and psychological illness. It’s a good thing I started seeing a therapist again two months ago. I’m definitely going to tell Mikki next week when I see her. This is nothing but harassment.

The only thing, this is only by word of a little birdie. I’m going to have to wait for the official word either from the Boss Lady or The Queen Bee to swing into action. That’s if they let me know at all.

They might chose to do it without telling me. Either way, whether they tell me or not, I’m going to claim that I’m being harassed. And as a person with a disability, they are not, not, NOT supposed to harass me off the job, if I want to continue to work. That is in clear violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act! I guess NYPD is looking to be sued, again. As if they don’t have enough lawsuits on their butts. . . . . . .

In the meantime, I rest my confidence in my Heavenly Father. It is He who kept me on the job thus far, and if He wants me out of NYPD, He will take me out. All will be done in His timing, not mine, or theirs. Period.

In the meantime, “No weapon formed against me shall prosper.”

Three Titles


The reason this entry has three titles is because I don’t know what to rant about first. So I decided to rant about all three.

Moving Day

Ever have something set up just right and it has worked out for you and it has worked for years? Well that is how it was at work.

We have this 18 slot cubby box where we have all of the forms stored that we need at work. They are specifically clerical forms, we have another cubby just for the officers, but I will get to that later.

Ever since we moved into the newly renovated Precinct back in 2007 that cubby system was in place. The Boss Lady had asked me to set it up.

I did it under duress because I really did not want to do it. After all, I’d helped pack, move, unpack and set up the new office and I really didn’t want to do nothing else. I was just sick the woman kept pressing me to do more and more stuff. Now that I look back at it, I see that she was really incapable of handling the moving and organizing details. Back then I thought I was being taken advantage of big time. Now, I see she was too sick ( psychologically ) to handle the job.

Anyway, I set the system up and it stayed and worked well until last week. I cam back from my days off and discovered that someone had changed and re-arranged the order of the cubby, so the poor officers were coming in and could not find their paperwork!

My co-worker and I informed The Boss Lady when she got in and she was major ticked! It turns out that one of the new ladies decided to get creative and re-arrange everything with computer generated tags and everything! But the whole problem is, she did not ask The Boss Lady if she could do it. If she had, she would’ve been told “no”, because the system worked! And if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

So, guess what TBL wanted? She wanted everything changed back. And guess “who” was going to do it? That’s right, me!

For some reason, I nearly tore my hair out when I first set up the system, which wasn’t quite as bad because it was all from scratch. This time I had to untangle someone else’s mess. . . . .

It was UGLY, that’s all I can say. But I got ‘er done! I sincerely hope I don’t have to do it again! If so, I’ll just have to be insubordinate and refuse. . . . . . .

Clean Up Woman

Don’t you detest having to clean up after other people? Especially after you’ve told them numerous times not to make a mess . . . . .

My job on the midnight tour is to gather up all the work that had been done on the previous day. If there were 25 complaints, I have to account for every one of those complaints. If any one(s) are missing I have to make special note of them for the higher ups.

Well, for the past few weeks, work done by one particular worker ( one of the new ladies ) has been missing. The last time something of hers was missing, it turns out she had taken the work HOME and returned with it the next day. I NEVER heard of people taking work home at NYPD. As far as I know, our paperwork is confidential and is not supposed to be leaving the premise But, this lady does not seem to understand this. I also think she has a language barrier ( Spanish ). TBL speaks it fluently but the lady either does not understand or DOES NOT WANT TO UNDERSTAND.
Anyway, yours truly had to clean up the mess again. The last time I did it I got chewed out for it. I’m looking forward to another salvo, but, you know what? I can give as good as I get.

You see its all about INTIMIDATION on this job! All about threats and yelling at people. Nothing but Bravo Sierra . . . . . .

FaceBook Horror

I had been considering starting my own network for a couple of years now. I was finally inspired to do so yesterday. Why? I was tossed off of Facebook on my cookies. . . . . .

I don’t know what happened but Friday morning I tried to sign on and I could not. In fact I had such a problem signing on that I decided, let’s try resetting my password. Well, I did that not just once, or twice but four times. After the last time FaceBook totally shut me down. I think the system thought I was a hacker and kicked me out! Now, I no longer have access to my page.

I’m kinda angry because I use it to keep in touch with a lot my my friends from church, my job, and my Star Trek, Andromeda, writing, Twitter peeps. Now I have to go and try to hunt down email addresses and contact everyone and let them know I’m out.

I’m going to wait until my days off to devote some time to really untangling this web. If I get back on, I will only use the back door ( cellphone ) I will not go on the site personally.

I really want to go on the site and SCRAM my page, but FaceBook doesn’t let you delete your page. When you supposedly delete your page, they just put it into some kind of storage, and all you have to do is reactivate it when you want to. That I don’t like!

Anyway, I started my own little network. It’s more of a message board. It’s called the Moccasin Telegraph, and I just set it up yesterday.

The address is:


It’s not quite finished yet, but you are welcome to stop by. I’m still adding stuff and changing stuff. Starting up sites is like moving into a new appartment. You get to set the place up however you want, and change it around as often as you want.

Well, that’s it for now.. . . . . .

Back Again!


Sorry I was AWOL for a couple of days. They were my RDO’s ( or Regular Days Off in NYPD lingo ) and I spent them mostly asleep. I’s supposed to do all kinds of errands and stuff around the house on my days off, but I was so tired I just crashed. Like I’ve said many times in the past, I don’t sleep very well while during my work week, which is from Friday to Tuesday. So when I have my days off, I end up prostrate.

Had I not had a standing appointment with my therapist ( Mikki ), I wouldve stayed in the house like a hermit on Wednesday. But since I had to get up and go out, I got up and ran then went to my appointment and after that I waundered about in the Open Air Market and looked at some stuff, then went to Barnes & Noble and to the Vitamin Shop. I also went to Walgreens to pick up my Tramisu ( I think that’s how you spell that ) and found they had none out because the freezer is broken.

I spoke to the manager and he said the freezer needed to be fixed and they had called in someone who was going to be there that evening. Hopefully they would have everything up and running by tomorrow. Unfortunately, I am suffering from a Tramisu addiction and needed my fix!

I know it’s horribly unhealthy but those little De-Lish Walgreens cakes are the only things that are keeping some weight on my bones. I literally don’t have an appetite most of the time, so I eat cake. I really should eat bananas or something else, but I HATE bananas! I know they are good for me, but they make me gag!. Oatmeal does the same thing to me also. Perhaps it’s the consistency of the stuff. . . . . .

Now, on to more serious matters.

My vacation. Every year around March/April we get a vacation pick sheet. Each employee is supposed to pick out the vacation weeks they want for the year. This year I picked the 3rd week of June in order to go to the International Christian Convention in Baltimore Maryland, to go with my church. They attend this event at our mother church every year and in times past, I had no problems going. All of a sudden about 5 years ago I had this big problem getting the time off to go.

Apparently they ( THE JOB ) couldn’t spare me to go because of “Lack of Staff”. When they say that, they mean they don’t have anyone to cover my spot while I’m away. So in order to make sure they have staff, they tell you that you MUST select another time to take vacation.

The last couple of years this happened because my co-worker “bumped” me. She had seniority and wanted that week and just took it, leaving me empty handed. Now, this year she is no longer there and I have another co-worker. Only this time I have seniority and they still bumped me out of that week. So I gave up the week. I was so looking forward to going down to Baltimore with my church. . . . . . .

Now, I had also put in for on week in July where I was planning to attend ShoreLeave down in Towson Maryland. I thought everything was okay on that week, until I got into work tonight. I got a note in my mailbox that there is a conflict and that the Powers That Be Suggested I take another week. Now, I have to cancel my hotel reservations. Damn it all to hell and gone!

Since I have two weeks I did not use, I’m taking the first two weeks off in August to commemorate the 1st year anniversery of Mom’s death. I want to see what they are going to have to say about that. If they come back to me with more changes, I’m going to go to Mikki and report them. She like my old therapist keeps asking me when am I going on vacation. It looks like this crazy place doesn’t want me to go on vacation. Which by the way is a violation of my rights. If everyone else can go on vacation, so can I. I can see if I don’t have time on the books, but I have time and I am entitled. And I don’t give a flip if they don’t have anyone to cover for me. That’s their problem.

For all the years I worked there they were ALWAYS short handed. And they will always be short handed. Know why? Because they treat their workers like Sugar Honey Iced Tea, that’s why!! And just because you are short handed you don’t used that as an excuse to work people to death and deny them vacation time.

I also believe this is a form of harassment. Sad to say, they love picking on the nutter . . . . . .

I know. Shut up Wolfie. . . . . .

Drama On The Bus!


Drama on the bus! What’s that all about? Well it started out like this. I left home early to go to work last night ( 10:30pm ) in order to get to work early and purchase dinner. I got the bus early but I didn’t expect to get drama on the way there.

About on quarter of the way to my destination, this guy comes across the street and hails the bus and begs the bus driver to let him and his family on. With NYC MTA you are supposed to pay your fare, but in certain dire circumstances a kindly bus driver will let you on. So the bus driver told him to get his family and get on. They got with tons of luggage.

It turns out that they came from Georgia and were supposed to be heading back, but they were taking the Dragon Express, which is what some of us call those Fly By Night Bus companies which sprung up all over New York Cities Chinatown lately. They can take you down to Virgina for 20 dollars one way, but the trick is, they are unlicensed, the drivers don’t speak English and they are downright dangerous!

So this particular bus driver just up and decided he just didn’t want to drive anymore for the night and threw all of his passengers off the bus! Just like that! Can you imagine that? So this poor family didn’t have anywhere else to go for the night. So the MTA bus driver took them on, took them up about a half amile and suggested a low cost hotel in the area for the night. Unreal!

It;s really sad but The Dragon Express buses have been running out of China Town for years. It used to be just to the casinos but now they go as far away as Canada. But like I said, you’d be taking a chance riding with them. They are not regulated, that’s why they are so cheap. And lately they’ve been having a lot of accidents. And this thing about throwing passengers off, it’s the first time I’ve heard it. But I bet it won’t be the last time.

I’ve also heard that certain lines are run by gangs ( or “Tongs” as the Chinese refer to them ) and they get into spats and shoot and stabb each other over routes. Would you want someone driving you and your family down to Washington DC? I think not!

I’ve also been seeing people sleeping in the street at certain bus spots. The Dragon Express buses sued to have curbside pick up. But, that was causing a horrendous traffic problem, so Mayor Bloomberg banned that. He passed an ordinance where the bus company had to open a storefront with seats to accommodate would be passengers so they won’t have to wait in the street and out of the elements. So now these places have been closing down early and stranding passengers who bought tickets for late trips.

It looks like I’m going to have to look up my local assembly person and give them a call. The last thing you need are people sleeping in the street while waiting until the next morning for a bus. This may sound horrible and racist, but just because people may do that over there in China, doesn’t mean that goes well for over here too. I don’t and know others who live in my neighborhood, don’t want it to turn into a mini third world country.

I know. It’s time for the Wolf to stop barking. . . . . . .