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Funferring . . . . . . .


Funferring? What the heck is funferring? How the heck do you even that word? It’s Fun Fur Ring, and it means to dither, and make oneself busy with little things that would drive sane people nuts. I usually do things like that when I don’t want to do something that is way more important.

I’ve been like that all this week ( if you can call it week – my week is Friday to Tuesday ) I have been funferring. Dithering and doing things on Izzy instead of working. My co-worker works Friday and Saturday so I don’t have to do much. However on the other days. . . . . I usually get my work done though.

I know one thing I had a shut down on Sunday Morning. I call it a shutdown because I don’t know what else to call it. I used to have a condition a lot where my throat would close and I can’t swallow. I can breath but I can’t swallow. If I try to eat I will choke and throw up. I usually get like that when I’m turbo-hyped. I was like that on Sunday. When I’m like that I don’t like to be at work because I immediately go into panic mode, and what I needed to do is go somewhere and calm down. I couldn’t so I stayed at my desk and prayed.

Of course I didn’t get much work done. Thank God there wasn’t much to be done.

According to my old social worker, I’m supposed to keep a record of these attacks so they can have some sense of a pattern. All I know is I haven’t had one of them for about 6 months, Now all of a sudden, they are back. ::sigh::

I had a brief meeting with the Queen Bee this morning. She wanted me to sign my evaluation and I refused. There is a part on the sheet which asks if you would like to appeal, and I signed on that line, and I asked for copies of that paper and also the Time and Tardiness regulations which apply to me specifically.

Also The Boss Lady gave me a copy of my original evaluation she had typed before the Queen Bee got a hold of it and re-typed it. I am now in possession of two copies of it. This is what I will use to make my case. It will prove that the Queen Bee deliberately changed my evaluation to make me look like I was incompetent, when I in fact do excellent work.

Also, when she spoke to me she wasn’t so harsh and nasty as she was before. I think she must have spoken to someone who pulled her coat about my disability, and how she is not supposed to harass me. That could lead to a federal lawsuit and NYPD can not afford having one of those. I’m going to let my new social worker know about it anyway just in case. You never know I may need federal back up on this.

A supreme pain in the neck this is. . . . . . .

It’s official. Deep Space Ten has been closed down. It’s sad I can’t get in touch with my members. The one thing about the internet, It’s chock full of transient people. That’s bad news if you depend on them to help you out with something like an RPG ( Role Playing Game ). My main members have not signed on since August. With most sites I know, if you have been inactive that long they lock you out. Why? Security issues. They don’t want people coming back to spam the site or harass the members.

Also if you own a free site if you don’t “refresh it” by signing on at least once a month, you’ll lose it Why? Because free sites are a hot commodity. Site hosts like Spruz would rather give sites to people who are going to make use of them on a regular basis. I don’t blame them one bit.

Oh! I forgot to write down my New Years Resolutions! They are as follows: Follow God more, pray more, read His Word more, and to share the Gospel with more people, to write more ( much more because I want to enter NaNoWriMo this year! ), to work out more ( planning to join a gym and get back into lifting ), speak my mind and say no more often, eating better ( being more conscious of what I eat instead of just tossing things down my neck ), cooking more, travel a little more ( I literally have not traveled out of New York for the past three years ) time to stop that because Mom is safe and I don’t have to worry about her anymore, take more, a lot more photos and post them and stay connected with the Trek and Drom community.

Long list, right? I wonder if there will be enough year for all of that?

Well, I must go lie down before I fall down.

Via Con Dios!