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Always Sick . . . . .


I don’t know what it is about work but I’ve noticed for some time that I’m always sick when I go in that place. And no matter what I do. They call me Mrs Monk because the first thing I do is get out my Clorox disinfectant wipes and wipe down the desk, the keyboard, the telephone, even the chair arms. Sad to say our office is VERY PUBLIC and that means anyone can come in there and sit at my desk when I’m not there. And quite frankly, I don’t know where they have been.

The recent outbreak of bedbugs in New York City just goes to show that sadly a lot of people don’t practice good physical hygiene. But, despite my obsessive compulsive habit to clean and wipe down everything and sterilize, I seem to catch a cold or virus every week. I’m seriously wondering if I should come to work in a hazmat suit! Other than that . . . . All is quiet for now.

My first day back was quiet. The Boss Lady was there but she was quiet. SHOCKING! She was quiet with ME. My poor co-worker who came in at 0730am suffered her wrath! She went off on the poor lady about having people come in and visit and talk to her while she is working!

To me that is so trifling and stupid! Of course the guys and gals want to come in and talk, what you gonna do? Toss them out? The poor woman was so upset, one of her friends was there trying to calm her down.

It’s sad everybody tries to respect The Boss Lady because she is the supervisor, but she takes advantage of her position as supervisor and deliberately goes out of her way to harass people. I also think this is do to psych problems too.

I’m keeping my eye on TBL and whenever she starts her crap I’m gonna let her have it it there! I’ve worked there too many years to have to go through that nonsense. Time out for using your position as a supervisor to bully someone and make them cry. . . . . . .

I don’t know why my co-worker just doesn’t file a harassment complaint against TBL? She’s probably too scared to do it. Scared of retaliation. I know one thing, TBL had better check herself. We are supposedly getting new people in because of stimulus money given to NYPD from Obama. And you don’t know where these people are coming from. All TBL has to do is start her foolishness with the WRONG person and it’ll all be over. . . . . . I’ve already told her that not everyone is gonna sit up there and just take her crap.

But, as my Mom would say “A hard head, makes a soft behind.” She’ll learn she’s not the only big dog in the pen.

That’s about it for now. No, I’m not gonna promise I’ll be back. Only God holds my days in His hands. God willing I will be back.

Blessed Be


Home Again!


Mark Twain once said: “Rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated.” I haven’t been here for a while not because I didn’t want to. I wasn’t here because for some strange reason my code and password did not work! No matter how many times I put the darned thing in, it would not work! I even went so far as to send out one of those emails asking for a confirmation of my password ( I might have forgotten as I deal with so many sites on a daily basis ). I got back the confirmation that I was using the right password and code. So, what was the problem? I haven’t a clue! Maybe the site didn’t like me that day. Computers can be fickle too you know.

I have other things to wax long upon.

The Boss Lady. She really showed her tail last week. I came in one evening and she was already there for one tour. I hate when she does two tours back to back because she doesn’t know what she is doing and she leaves the majority of the work for me.

Well, that’s what happened. She not only left work for me from the previous tour, she left an absolute mess! Everything was disorganized and just a mess. I can’t believe what is supposed to professional workplace is kept in such an state of disorganization and by the supervisor yet!

Well, she was supposed to stay for a second tour, but suddenly she just packed up her bags and left! That’s right, LEFT! Leaving the mess for me to organize, naturally. It took me all morning to get the place in some semblance of order. And I still didn’t even get half of the work done. It’s just amazing how inconsiderate and cold TBL is to just leave all of the work like that! I wonder what would happen if I WALKED OUT LIKE THAT ONE MORNING?

Just called a car service, packed up my stuff and booked without a word of bye your leave. . . . . . . To me this is just proof positive that there is something seriously WRONG with my supervisor. I wonder when and if they will ever catch on that the reason she screws up so horribly is that fact that she is psychologically incompetent!

Oh. Newsflash! They are starting to discover that she is screwing up the work and badly. But, I don’t think they know the real story yet or they would’ve gotten rid of her long ago. In the meantime, I will watch and wait and I will not take no crap from her.

Unfortunately because of her psych problems, she is very aggressive and nasty, and tends to challenge like a bull facing a red flag. Supervisor or no supervisor, I am not going to stand for that type of behavior directed towards me, and yes, if it gets really bad, I WILL REPORT IT TO THE AUTHORITIES!

If I wanted to work with ( excuse me here as I am going to be politically incorrect ) “Nuts” I would’ve working in a Psych Ward! But, I am not working in aforementioned and I have a right to work in a safe work environment according to my contract.

Moving on . . . . . .

Time to shut up!

Blessed Be

Autumn Cleaning


It looks like I will be doing some cleaning. CLeaning up on the internet. First I have to set my twitter account right. I’m sick of all of the JUNK tweets I’m getting!
Would you believe there are folks on there that get paid to get followers! So all day they do nothing but promote their little corner of the Twitter universe.

Twitter has a tweet limit of 150 tweets per hour and if you go over that, they put you into TwitJail where you are stuck and can’t tweet anyone. I forgot for how long. SOme of the really big Promoters are always in there! Well, I’m not there for that junk, I’m just there to read the tweets from certain people. I really love some of the inspirational quotes and stuff and the news, but that’s it. And of course I like to voice my opinion. You know?

If you ask me, I really would like to know how you can make money off of tweeting? That’s probably something like taking surveys, or that other site called Gather, where you looked at photos and gave opinions to build up a certain amount of points in order to get gift cards. I’ve done it and it is hard work and you’ve gotta stick with it all and every day. I’d rather just come to work. At least at the end of my seven hours, my day is done. Ya know?

Well, that’s it. I’m just trying to chill until K-Day! A little under two weeks and I think my freak-o-meter is going up just a little bit. I know one thing I broke out in exema all over my hands and that only happens when I really get nervous! So I’ve been slathering medication all over it every chance I get, olus I’m keeping my eyes peeled for a pair of fingerless black lace gloves to wear just in case. After all, it is a Halloween play. . . . . . .

And after he sees that, he will certainly remember me. . . . . If I need to wear them of course.

Gotta run
Good willing, tomorrow! ::waves::





In the continuing saga of my workplace, my boss was busted for something she had done. As usual, she thought she had outsmarted everyone when she did it. But, for some reason, TBL totally forgets she works with cops, and cops are not stupid. Some may pretend they are, but most are not.


Most of all, they are trained to be very observant. What id she do? Well there is a big plate glass window in front of our office so everyone can see us. It makes it easier for the Desk Officer ( sergeants or lieutenants to check on us. To me it’s akin to working in a goldfish bowl and it took a while for me to get used to, but I got used to it and learned to ignore it.


Now my supervisor hates it, especially since she likes to “coop” on the job. That’s NYPD lingo for sleeping on the job. She’ll sit in the back of the office with a lot of papers spread out on her desk, to make it look like she is busy and close her eyes and she will be out for the count. Now, EVERYONE in the precinct knows she does this. But she still she is pulling the wool over someones eyes.


So last week she puts these three sign up. A couple of incidents happened in the precinct which got written up in the paper. She went to a copy shop she knows, had them blown up, laminated and stuck them on the glass window of our office. They were there for all of 4 days. Yesterday the Captain came in and ordered one of my co-workers to take the signs down and told her he did not want anything posted on that window unless it was approved by him.


Now in NYPD that’s a standard rule. It keeps people from posting any old crap on the wall, and having some community big wig, or politician come in and see it. Ya know? Keeps the atmosphere professional. But TBL worked for NYPD for more years than I and how come she didn’t know that? What she forgot all of a sudden?


Anyway, I bleive she delibarately did what she did. I had to do telephone switchboard duty and while sitting there behind the desk I saw that when those signs were up, they had been strategically placed to disguise the fact that TBL was sleeping. I’d say, she was BUSTED!


Funny thing is, she’s not here, and I know when she comes back she’s gonna be some kinda pissed to find out that her signs were taken down. Well, girlfriend if you gotta problem take it to the Commanding Officer, because he is the one who gave the order to take the damned thing down! Period! Dot!


Don’t you just love people who think everybody else is stupid. When it’s actually the other way around. . . . . .


Peace, Out.






A Bull With Tits!

Holas Everyone!

Sorry for the shocker title but it’s very appropo.  You’ll see by the time you’ve finished reading this. . . . . . .

What’s the best way to describe my boss? A bull with tits. Yep, I said it. That’s what she is. Always gotta be tough, egtting up in peoples grille and throwing her weight around. It’s really very sick and very sad that she has to do that. But I believe that’s all a front to cover for the fact that she is too sick and incompetent to do her job.


As for other aspects of her behaviour in my opinion, she is decompensating ( as the shrinks would say ) which means she is getting worse and worse. All last week she has been muttering to herself. I thought she was taking on the office phone, but I saw that no lines were open ( because we all have those phones on each of our desks where we can see if a line is open ), and she wasn’t on her cellphone, sooooooo the next choice is, she was TALKING TO HERSELF AND ANSWERING!


I’ve also saw solid proof that she has be sabotaging my work! I had suspected it for a very long time but I didn’t really have any proof until this past Monday. I had to go to meal, but I had some work to do, so I put it all in order before I went to meal. When I came back, the work I had so carefully put in order was all tossed about. It broke my heart to see that and to realize that my supervisor had done it. When questioned she has this really snide remark that if I was so concerned about the work being messed up, I should’ve done it BEFORE I went to meal. Now, imagine your supervisor telling you that? I can just she her butt being instantaneously fired if this was private concern, but since we work for the City Of New York. . . . . Hard Earned tax payer money goes down the drain on paying the salaries of dead beats like The Boss Lady.


She seriously needs help though. She is very aggressive with her subordinates and fellow employees, she dresses and behaves bizarrely . . . . . I hope they are not waiting for her to finally go POSTAL before they do anything. God help me that I’m not there when it does happen. Because if I am, I’m not going back to work there ever again. It would be an open and shut case of you have someone on staff who was dangerous, who had been showing marked signs of psychosis and you did nothing. Now people are hurt and must be compensated. Simple as that.


I hope it doesn’t come to that. But, unfortunately and fortunately I’ve lived with mental and psych illness all my life in dealing with my Mom and I know the signs. I just wish people will stop laughing and take heed. Mental/emotional illness is no joke. People like my supervisor need help. Even if they don’t want help and attempt or attempts should be made just in case. You never know how you can avoid disaster by just providing a shoulder to cry on. Or a quiet and comforting presence in the room.


I didn’t mean to get so heavy.


I’ve gotta bounce.


Blessed Be!


I Hate To Complain, But. . . . . .


I hate to complain, but. . . . . . I’ve noticed several things around my fair city of New York lately.

1. Women and baby carriages and strollers. The purpose of said devices are to carry young children when they are too small or tired to walk. However I’ve been seeing parents with children way past the age of two and three in strollers! I even saw one child stand up on the ground and walk with the stroller on her back! Ya think maybe she needs to walk without the darned thing? No wonder there is so much childhood obesity! Parents are too LAZY to let their children walk so that they will get the proper exersize they need in order to grow up healthy and strong.

2. Very Crowded Trains & Buses on the weekends. It used to be that you got a break from the day time crush or rush hour on the weekends. Why? because people were not commuting to and from work, they were home with their families and didn’t ride the trains. But ever since the severe cutback in July where service was slashed ( buses and train lines eliminated ) everything has been very crowded on weekends! In fact the weekends are worst than the day time! In fact a couple of times I stood all the way from Brooklyn to Manhattan because the train was so crowded! It was a good thing I wear comfortable shoes!

3. Last but not least, in the City Father’s wisdom they decided to set up bus shelters around the city on bus stops. A nice place to sit with a plexi-glass partition on two sides a roof over your head ( to keep out rain ) and a metal bench to sit on. They were nice until opportunists decided to move in. Who are they? NYC’s homeless! In some Yuppie areas, they have taken over the bus shelters and made it their own personal flop houses where they can eat, drink or sleep. In my opinion, the money would’ve been better spent improving the service. . . . But, that’s my humble opinion and no one listens until I vote this November. . . . . .

That’s my story

Via Con Dios
Blessed Be. . . . .