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Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda!

Coulda, Should, Woulda!
Excuses, Excuses, and more Excuses!

I know, I’ve been a very bad beasty! I haven’t been making entries in my blog. Why? Because I’ve been too busy spinning off in my own little universe. I don’t know if that’s a good sign or not.

It seems to me that ever since my Mom died on August 4th 2010, I haven’t been able to get myself together. Numerous projects have fallen by the wayside, and I still haven’t take care of all of Mom’s issues yet. I’ve been trying to get out to the nursing home to clear out her bank account for the past two months. The problem is, the only day I can do that is on a Tuesday. I’m gonna have to do that very soon even if I have to take Tuesday morning off from work in order to take care of it.

Once I do that, I will be going Social Security to make sure they are not still playing that rip-off palace they call a nursing home. Ugh!

I spoke to one of the elders of my church who’s mother passed like two weeks before my mom. He has to go to surrogates court in order to fight to get her money back. I hope I don’t have to do the same. I don’t know if I can stand it.

I am just tired of the whole nonsense and want it to be over and done with. But it is very difficult when you are by yourself with no one else to help you. You know? You’ve got to be butcher, baker, candlestick maker, chief cook and bottle washer all in one. Ugh! No wonder I am whipped!

The good news is, IZZIE is fixed for now. She is up and running without WEBROOT. On Thanksgiving Day, while everyone else ( who’s normal ) was gathered around the table and eating turkey, I was uninstalling Webroot. Which by the way, gave me a hard time to get it out of my computer’s memory! I tried to install Kaspersky, but there was a problem with my drivers. Turns out I have to reinstall my system disc and reinstall all of my drivers and the installer wizzard too! Unreal!

So how does one install spyware when they can’t do it from a disc? Simple, I went on line, and Googled free spyware, looked at the list and downloaded the third one from the top!

I would NOT advise everyone to do this though. As far as I concerned, I really had nothing to lose. All my information and photos are automatically backed up because I’ve subscribed to Carbonite ( just in case you can check them out at Carbonite.com ). If the free spyware solution did not work, I was planning to do a total memory wipe and start over from scratch.

Once I did the memory wipe, all I had to do is access my account at Carbonite and download all of my info into my nice, clean computer. I will see how this thing goes for now.

Enough of the GEEK stuff! I know.

I’m literally on pins and needles waiting for next week Saturday to get here! I’m going to see Keith again ( Wow! Twice this year! ) and this time I’m gonna say hi! I hope I don’t make a jackass of myself. . . . . . .

With that, I bid you all adieu . . . . .


Mental Health Week


In honor of Mental Health Week I’m posting two links and they will also be up on my blog description. Please take advantage of them and read what they have to say.

The common misconception is that ADHD is children’s disorder and that they will “grow out of it” when they get older. Much to the contrary, doctors have discovered that ADHD ( hyperactive ) children often become Adults with ADHD, that means hyperactive adults.

The sites listed will help to dispel that myth and bring facts to the fore. Perhaps this will give you insight into helping a family member, loved one, co-worker, friend.

Howie Mandel is the only famous person I know with AdultADHD because he is also championing the cause by getting the word out. There may be more, but he is the only one I know right now.

This is his interview: http://add.about.com/od/famouspeoplewithadhd/a/Howie-Mandel.htm/

This is the site he recommends: http://www.adultadhdisreal.com/

Why have I taken up this cause? I too have been stricken with this affliction. So I know. I know.

Signing off
Blessed Be, All!

The What For!


OMG! Two days in a row! Can my poor heart stand it? As Fred Sandford used to say on “Sanford & Son”, I’m ready to have the “big one”!

I guess you kinda knew this was coming. I kept warning and warning that this would happen and it finally happened. What you ask?

Remember I kept telling you that we will be getting new people in and some of them are not gonna stand the way my supervisor talks to them. Well, we have a new lady ( we will call her Lady X ) who transfered from upstairs, and she was only there for 2 days ( count them two days ) and she already cussed The Boss Lady out!

I walked in and they had just had a big verbal dispute over something Lady X was supposed to do. All I know is that The Boss Lady was gone ( probably to lick her wounds ) and did not come back until Lady X LEFT for the day.

I understand TBL having to supervise and stuff, but I also believe a lot of the stuff she does is malicious and deliberate, and due to psych problems. It’s just a shame that her supervisors see her behavior and refuse to address it. You know when they will? When something serious happens. I hope nothing does happen. I really hopes she gets some kind of help. And that people will stop laughing at what they call TLB’s “antics”. They are not antics, they are clear indications of the fact that the woman has psych issues. How do I know? Because I too am likewise afflicted, so I know.

The key to getting help is to first admit that you need help. I don’t think TBL thinks there’s anything wrong with herself. I’ve confronted her over her yelling, mean and nasty behavior and she just says “Oh, that’s just me, you just have to live with it!” Well, I’ve been telling her over the period of the last 6 weeks that no you don’t yell at people, etc. Why? Because we are in a PROFESSIONAL enviorment and you as a supervisor is not supposed to YELL at your employees over anything unless there is a fire, or likewise emergency. Yelling at someone because they made a trifling spelling error is ridduculus! And city government an employee can file a complaint that she is harassing them. . . . .

Sad to say because of her condition, she doesn’t listen. Unfortunately everything I say goes in to one ear and comes out the other and no stopping in the brain. But you know what, I will remind her every time from now on. If she learns ANYTHING before I retire it will be how to conduct herself PROFESSIONALLY IN THE WORKPLACE!

Well, that’s my story . . . . .

Blessed Be all!

No More Excuses!


Well, It’s me again! No, no more excuses. Just lazy. I’ve been trying to get some rest but instead I’ve been a whole lot of nothing. Like staying on Twitter for hours.

For those of you who don’t know, Twitter is CRAZY! You only get to make remarks in a 140 letter count format and that’s it. So folks are forced to make as brief and concise statements as they can. Sometimes they use text short cuts like Ur insteas of your and gr8 instead of gr8, ppl instead of people,etc. As long as you get your message accross

After searching since August I found three Android apps that I like to use because they can post to both FaceBook and Twitter at the same time.

1. TweetDeck. Problems? It takes a long time to boot up. It may be due to the fact that I may have a large amount of tweets and it stores them so it take more time. This app also bugs me because I cannot increase the font size enough.

I am very nearsighted ( Mr. Magoo – remember him? ) and use a large font as much as possible, but TweetDeck doesn’t make allowances for that unless you are using the writing/texting screen.

2. TweetCaster. This also takes a bit to boot up, but not as long ad TD. It is a lot like Tweetdeck where you can also post to FaceBook, but you are blind & cannot “see” your FaceBook page or newsfeed.

The font increases nicely if you want it too and even the color scheme if you are into that. My only problem with TC is that it is VERY buggy force closes ( crashes ) often and gets on my last nerves when I really want to post or reply to a post.

3. is HootSuite. Now this app is a very plain wrap, that means there are no colors bells nor whistles. No changes or anything and also you cannot increase the size of the font. You can post to your FaceBook page but like TweetCaster you are blind and can’t see your page or newsfeed. And it take a lot less time to boot up. It uses a new non-web based technology ( that I know nothing about ) which takes a lot less time to load info than the previous two. Please don’t ask me what. I maybe a geek, but I’m not THAT KIND OF GEEK. . . . . . . Not yet.

The reason I’m talking about these two apps is because I am really getting into Twitter sort of. You can sort of make friends on there and once you dive through all of the morass you find each other and say hi and talk about your interests and stuff. It’s kinda fun. I enjoy reading the tweets though.

And I heard from several good sources that you can actually make money from Tweeting. And you do have people on there who do. Some have THOUSANDS of followers! I looked into this one company and they said all one needs is a base of at least 500 followers. I have about 287 now. I guess by the end of this month or early December I will have 500 or more. Then I will take the next step.

For now I just enjoy reading the tweets and tossing in my opinion now and again.

Other than that, I am going on another pilgrimage. I’ve already bought tickets to see Keith Hamilton Cobb on 12/04/2010! I’m so excited! This time Jo and JaNai will be there with me! We are all sitting to sit together in the same row and we are all going to wear purple and black!

I hear that he wants to meet me, because after all I started a little website dedicated to him. I don’t exactly know if that is a good thing or not, you know? Well, we shall see soon.

I’ve my outfit all ready and I’ve got both of my cameras ( cellphone and digital ) ready. I think JaNai is bringing her video camera. Oh-oh!

The really freaky thing is, the theater where Keith is performing is a few blocks away from the precinct where I work! I know he’s been coming out here to rehearse on a daily basis and if I wasn’t stuck working the graveyard shift I might have run into him! He’s not hard to spot since he is TALL and Built!

Despite the fact that he cut his dreads off like five years ago, I’d know him in a heartbeat since I’ve seen him in March! I’d know that handsome face anywhere! Unless of course he is wearing a dorag and a hoodie. . . . .

Well, I’ve gotta bounce
Blessed Be!

In A Quandry

Holas! Happy Change Of Time Day! By now most of us in the United States of America have changed their clocks back one hour. Well, the ones in New York City anyway. Also thousands of runners will be starting the New York CIty Marathon at the Staten Island foot of the Verzzano-Narrows Bridge in Staten Island in New York City. Godspeed to you all that you may finish the race. I have a question.

What do you do when you are caught in a tight spot? Me? I pray. I have too, because there is simply no one else to run to. Especially when you have to deal with the kind of things I get hit with at work and on my shift. I can’t just pick up the phone and call someone, you know?

Anyway, The Boss Lady really put me in a spot on Friday morning ( 11/05/2010 ). I had some work to type up but I couldn’t get to it right away because I was busy with something else. Well, my supervisor decided that she was going to sit at the very desk where the typewriter ( HEY! NO LAUGHING – Yes NYPD still uses typewriters! ) is and go to sleep.

Now I was left in a sticky situation. What should I do? Should I wake TBL up and tell her that I need to use the desk/typewriter and risk getting my butt chewed off and handed back to me? Or do I go upstairs to “meal” break and come back, and get chewed out because I didn’t do the work?

I chose to go upstairs and I would do the work when I came back. However when I came back TBL was ticked and chewed me out for not doing the work. I came right out asked her how was I supposed to do the work with her sleeping at the desk? It’s not like I can go somewhere else and type the stuff up you know. Well, as God as my witness she tells me that I couldn’ve woken her up and told her I had work to do.

QUESTION: What would you have done?

My honest opinion? TLB deliberately did this to TEST me to see what I would do. I tell you she ENJOYS getting people caught in situations where you are damned if you do and damned if you don’t! My solution was “Full speed ahead and damned the torpedoes!” One of these days she gonna do that crap to the wrong person. We got a new girl on Friday and we are supposed to be getting more, but we don’t know who these folks are and TBL likes to play with people too much. She loves to manipulate, test and challenge people too much and not everyone is gonna stand for that foolishness. She’s kind of simmered own with me because I’ve been giving her the what for lately. I used to be scared of her when I first started working there. But over the course of time I found out that she’s so full of crap, her eyes are brown! and like I keep saying, since I don’t have to worry about Mom anymore, I let TBL have it right between the eyes every time. She gets so sick of me that she disappears for hours until I am ready to go home, then she creeps back.

It’s sad that you have to do that with people but you have to. Sad to say, I believe most of the problems with TLB’s aggression, incompetence, and the bad behavior is due to some serious psych issues. The poor woman needs help.

But, what can you do for someone who doesn’t WANT to be helped? And what do you do in a case where a workplace ( despite the hype ) doesn’t give a fudge about their workers if they are on the verge of flipping out on the job?

It’s something I pray about every day. I must leave you for now.

Blessed Be.

Computer Woes!


This seems to be the year of back and forth. Well listen to this tale of woe. The one year subscription to my Webroot ( spyware ) had expired so I re-uped by going on line on Beatrice ( my laptop ). There was a provision to also add my netbook but for some reason, I couldn’t get the darned thing to work, so I ordered the disc and waited for it come in the mail.

Of course that meant that I couldn’t used IZZE ( netbook ) until I got the disc in the mail. There was no way in the universe I was gonna go on line without virus protection. So, when I got the disc, I eagerly loaded it onto my computer.

I that all was good until IZZE started shutting down on me little by little. First I couldn’t get into certain sites, or when I did, the sites would freeze. It finally go to the point where my entire computer shut down on me flashing to message that I needed to re-install my system disc! Apparently all of my ACPI drivers were missing and needed to be re-installed! OMG!

That could only mean one thing. That damned Webroot screwed up my computer drive. Why? Webroot used to be a very plain wrap program, with no bells and whistles. But, when I re-uped, I noticed the program had been upgraded to be real fancy-shmancy with video game like graphics and all kinds of crazy crap ( that I didn’t need ) but I really didn’t pay any mind to it.

Here’s where the wrong answer buzzer sounds! Additional graphics mean more memory. Obviously what the program did because there was not enough memory on my computer for it, the program automatically plundered IZZE’s memory and removed some of the systems drivers in the process.

Am I not correct in saying this sounds more like a virus or malware than spyware?

Anyway, since then I’ve spoken to several people about it. One guy on my job who’s even a bigger geek than I and is a cop who does it for a living, told me that spyware CAN damage your computer memory. I had no clue that could happen. I spoke to another guy in Staples that told me that in fact depending on how bad the damage is, I may have to “disc wipe” IZZE’s memory clean and start all over from scratch. That sounded horrifiying to me even though I have everything stored on Carbonite. I was not looking forward to starting all over again. . . . . . . .

Anyway, the guy at work told me that I might consider deleting stuff from IZZE’s memory just to be safe. Netbooks memories are NON expandable so you have to do that every so often. Netbooks are really just good for cruising the net. Stuff should be saved via an on-line service like Carbonite or Mosey an independent hard drive or discs. So, I’m gonna consider what should I do with my Bible Class notes. It’s either create a private site for them or load them all onto discs.

I already have two websites, and it will be no problem for me to start another. I’ll see.

But the end result is IZZE is working now. After much trepidation, I found her system disc and reloaded it. But, I am watching her carefully. If that damned Webroot acts up one more time, I’m uninstalling it, and installing “Kaspersky” which I heard from my friend at work is excellent. Supposedly it was developed by the military. . . . . . .

Hey, Just to be ornery I might do it anyway. And send a nasty email to Webroot and demand a full refund for both of my computers! I wonder how many other people are having this problem with Webroot? Especially if they had to “scram” their memory because of the damage. . . . .

Well, enough of that. I rest a bit easy knowing that my electronic pal is fixed. It was a good thing I didn’t enter NaNoWriMo this year. I would’ve up the creek without a boat! Perhaps next year. . . .

Right now I’ve got an RPG, a fanfiction story and a couple of websites to look after so I’ve got enough on my table.

I’ve gotta bounce.
Blessed Be!