I SAY it the way I SEE it!



Please don’t ask me why. I think it’s because I’ve met some many people on Twitter who are also using WordPress. I will see how this goes.

I’ve been very busy writing of late. Free Enterprise is tripping along at 110 Chapters! I’m no way finished yet. There is a certain goal that I want my characters to reach and I haven’t reached it yet, by a long shot. So, the story continues.

Another good sign is I’m reading again. I’d all but given up on reading because of the amount of weight I carry on a daily basis. So when I got my Income Tax return, I immediately invested in a KINDLE, and I went crazy downloading books.

I must have about 12 versions of the Bible on there as well as 71 books. Surprisingly most of the books were very cheap, under ten dollars, many are 99 cents. And since some versions of the Bible are public domain, they are FREE!

One thing, the digital versions of books are definitely a lot cheaper than paper books. Sad to say, I can see where this is going to put the paper book publishing industry out of business! I love paper books, but they art HEAVY! And my Kindle ( whom I’ve named PINKY ) is so much lighter.

Another thing I’ve been doing. I’ve been a lot more politically active. I’m sick and tired of what President OBAMA is doing to this country. And I’m sick and tired of the fact that though the majority of my people ( Black people ) voted for him, he has royally given them the shiv! I can’t believe they didn’t see the man was a flim-flam artist from the get go!

Either the man is totally clueless about how to run the country ( and has a bunch of clueless idiots as an administration ) or he is DELIBERATELY destroying America so he can become a dictator! I think it is the latter instead of the former!

You see this is what we get for putting a man in the office of the President of the United States and he doesn’t even have a legit birth certificate!

Enough of this ranting before I start foaming at the mouth!




AM I PARANOID? Some say I am, but I can prove that I am not! First I get all of these calls from my bank saying my account has been accessed and suspicious activity was detected. I call and find some bogus automated system asking me equally bogus questions.

I get an email from NETFLIX telling my my automated system payment is messed up and I should call them with new or refresh my information. These two things were obviously phishing schams to reveal more information about myself. Who ever it is will wind up in the slammer because I have a BK. No more need be said.

I also saw evidence that I was being followed. An unmarked used to wait outside my building, but in recent weeks they’ve gotten smart, because every time I’d see them, I’d try to peep in the window and see who the person was. They would always hid their faces or drive away. Lately they are waiting on the bus stop where I pick up the bus to go to work. It’s been SUVs, but last night it was a black car. Tomorrow night I may walk to work and make that a regular routine until it gets cold again.

Only problem with that is sometimes I am really tired and DON”T WANNA WALK! I know I sound like a little baby, but there are times where I’m really busted. Midnights can really take a lot outta you! And I’m an older woman too, no more Spring Chicken. . . . .

The radar is REALLY up at work too. Why? The Boss Lady came back from vacation TIREDER than she was before she went on vacation! I marveled that the poor could couldn’t keep her eyes open or head up and kept “disappearing” all morning to take naps. I seriously believe she is on some kind of drugs or something to be that drowsy. And sad to say, she doesn’t know they ( The Powers That Be ) are watching her butt, too. Because they knows she comes in and “malingers”. Ya gonna have to Google that one. . . . . .

Also, the fact that we have computer station down in our office didn’t phase her. Here I was all set for her to have one of her trade mark hissy fits and nothing, not even a peep! Which makes me believe the whole thing was set up to see what we would do. Plus my desk is kinda of where they cant see me. And they want it so that they can see me at all times. Yes, I know the paranoia is kicking into overdrive. Well I do suffer from Bipolar Disorder ya know. . . . . . Paranoia tends to come with certain psych illnesses. . . .

I also seriously believe that some body, don’t know who is trying to make me freak out. I just see little things that I don’t like thats all. Its sad to say that one must put up with ( and pray a LOT ) because of the foolishness which goes on in the workplace. Just so you can have a living wage these days. This place is nothing but an exercise in Psych Warfare. Really sad.

May God have Mercy Upon them because they know not what they do. The Bible says, “They kill you and think they did God a favor. . . . . . .”

Pray Without Ceasing. . . . . .

Oh Crap!


It would seem I have picked up a stalker Writing Dot Com. Not good! It seems that I’ve been running from them for the batter part of this month. Because of them I shut down my FaceBook and Klingon Space accounts. I’m keeping an eye on my other accounts ( WordPress, Twitter, BlogSpot, etc ). I also have to go to my bank because someone attempted to access my debit card!

I had gotten a call from my bank about three weeks ago and didn’t pay it much heed. I called up and it was an automated system and the thing asked me all kinds of weird questions which didn’t even pretain to my banking habits. And the questions that did, they should have known. Anyway, a friend of mine who used to be a manager of a Chase branch advised me to call and straighten everything out, but I never got to it.

Why? because I kept getting a flurry of calls from creditors. I have a bankruptcy on my account so anyone who gets a hold of my social security number and tries to make a fake id is in for a LOT OF TROUBLE! Lets just say, THEY WON”T GET POOP! LOL LOL LOL LOL!

I really have to go to my bank now because Netflex suddenly emailed me and told me that my automated account withdrawal is no longer working. Which means I may need a new card. Crap!

I don’t know what this is all about. I think someone is trying to run me off of the web, but I’m NOT going! No no, no! I know computers just as well as they do and can keep one step ahead of them. If I don’t know how to I will learn! as far as I’m concerned it is THIS IS WAR!

RANT OVER. . . . . . . . . .

I’m Off. . . . . . . . .


I’ve been meaning to get to this blog but I haven’t had the time. Too busy trying get quality sleep.

I heard from my friend Jo and she’s doing a lot better after she and her sons were down with a stomach virus. Ugh!

She also asked me my I pulled the plug on my FaceBook page ten days earlier than I said I would. I haven’t written back, but my answer is going to be plain and simple. I didn’t like the fact that The Powers That Be at Work were monitoring me on there. I had that problem last year and thought I had cleaned it up, but, obviously not.

The fact that my page was so completely hacked that even I could not get back into it. Then some of my friends were saying they got apology emails from FaceBook saying they ( FaceBook ) were sorry they ( friends ) could not access their page. I’m wondering why I didn’t get one of those emails? Simple, because they intended to TARGET ME! They probably used my friends as a trap door to get to me. . . . .

I know it sounds crazy. Well, if you really want to hear crazy, how about this? I’m being followed. Yeppers!

Cars parked outside the building watching as I leave and enter the building. It’s always a black car, or a black SUV and when I walk up on them, the driver will his his or her face.

Now, go figure. Crime is up in New York City. And according to a news report, WILDING is back. That’s when groups of teens pick a store, start a riot/fight, steal and beat up the staff, etc. Now all of this is going on and what is precious time and money being spent on what? Watching a poor, black, clerical worker.

It’s all a systematic program to freak me out and make me quit. But I’m not. God blessed me with that job, and if He wants me gone, I will be gone. Not by anyone’s hand just because they want me out! Period, Dot!

As for work itself, the mystery deepens. I went back to work after my days off and found the computer at the station I frequent. was completely dead.

Now what in the world would cause a CPU to completely die like that? Of course we all followed protocal and tried turning it off and on, disconnecting and reconnecting the wires, finally we called text support and supposedly someone from Dell will be there soon.

Now, The Boss Lady has been out since last week. The last time I saw her, she was acting very strangely. I believe they have been watching her also, and caught her sleeping upstairs in one of the ladies rooms. I walked in one day last week and saw a sign which said: This is NOT an employee rest area. Anyone caught using this room as such will be DISAPLINED. Oh-oh!

She was out on vacation for the very next week, so when she comes back she’s gonna meet a broken computer. Now, I’m going to watch and see what she does about it. We usually have three computer stations in our office, but with one down, we have only two, and some nights there are three of us present.

I wonder how these dynamics are gonna work. I automatically know The Boss Lady will want to sit in front of a working computer, even though she doesn’t do a stitch of work. This is gonna be “Fascinating” as Spock would say. . . . . .

The whole thing can be summed up as Sabotage. My East Indian co-worker told me that in so many words. Poor thing has such a heavy accent that most of the time I haven’t a clue as to what he is saying. However, when he told me this on Tuesday, my ears perked up.
Why? Because even though this is NYPD we are talking about, I am personally appalled at the stuff I see on a daily basis. The theft, the deliberate destruction of equipment, work sabotage, the malingering, etc. It’s really sad because a place which prides itself upon being a “Paramilitary Organization”. Is so completely and utterly corrupt and chaotic!

It’s so sad the crapola one has to deal with in order to have a job!

Now, you see why I pray constantly while at work. Constantly. The bible says: Pray without ceasing.

I’m Off. . . . . . . . .

The Last Day!


The Last Day!

You would not believe the amount of panic and uproar one man caused yesterday ( 05/21/2011 ). The one man’s name is none other than Harrold Camping, who predicted that Jesus was going to come back yesterday at precisely 1800 hours, or 6pm civilian time.

Supposedly he is a Christian, knows the Lord Jesus Christ as his personal Savior and owns a Christian radio station based in San Francisco California, and broadcasts all over the world by satellite and what not. In new York City, the call letters are WFNE. It’s called Family Radio.

I used to listen to it a lot right after I got saved, because I liked to hear the songs and the stories, teaching and bible readings. But, that back 19 years ago when I still worked during the day, so I could hear it at my desk. Once I started work with NYPD and started working midnights, I stopped listening and lost touch with the station.

About two years ago, a sister from my church suggested I turn the station on low and keep it playing in the background while I slept. Saying it would help to soothe me to sleep.

Well, it didn’t. Why? First of all, the station had drastically changed! There was not that much music and not as much bible reading and all of a sudden a person who used to be a trustee on the administrative board of the station had taken over and now owned the station. That was Harrold Camping. So since he took over, it was wall to wall Camping day and night!

The problem I had with him was the fact that his doctrines were flawed. I’ve been under the teaching of a wonderful and dedicated man of God for the past 30 years and I could clearly see the man didn’t know what he was talking about. Obviously he had not read the bible. Either that he chose to ignore great swaths of it.

I had a problem with the following:

First, when people called him Pastor, Reverend or Doctor, he would tell them he was neither of these. Hey wait one minute! You are handling people’s eternal souls and you are NOT a Pastor? Oh oh! That’s like practicing medicine without a license. . . . . . Only with God’s kingdom its a heck of a lot worse!

Second, he was telling people to get out of the churches. So where do people go to fellowship? He wanted them to listen to him. Oh-oh number two.

Three, about two years ago he began teaching that according to his mathematical calculations he had found out exact date and time Jesus was to return! OMG! OMG! OMG!

This was a clear lie against the fact that Jesus says in The Bible that “No man knows the day nor hour. Only the Father in Heaven knows.” I guess Mr Camping just ripped that page right out of the bible.

Well, I couldn’t listen to him anymore, and ignored the so called prediction. However the date crept up on me ( because I was busy with other stuff. . . . ) and in my fair city ( NYC ) I saw signs all over the place. Buses, Trains, Subway stations, etc. Then the news picked it up and they were relentless! Everyone was talking about it!

The people I most felt sorry for are the ones who believed Harrold Camping. I heard on the news that folks had quit their jobs, sold property, one man in NYC used his lifes savings to buy all of the adverts we saw on the trains and buses in NYC. 145K he spent! OMG!

Well, as you can see, the believers are still here because as God said: NO MAN KNOWS THE DAY NOR HOUR!

And when HE does come, He is going to come like a thief in the night. Thieves don’t exactly let you know when they are coming. So He told believers to “Be Watchful”.

I didn’t intend this to be a bible class, but this was something I needed to get off my chest.

I know one thing, not a soul should be listening to Harrold Camping anymore because according to the Bible ( Old Testament ) the proof of a prophet is the fact that they MUST BE 100 percent accurate! If they are not, they are to be ignored. Back in the Old Testament, they didn’t play, they stoned people like him. . . . . .

It was just amazing to see that he had so many followers. To quote PT Barnum: There is a sucker born every minute. In other words, Satan takes advantage of many who are blind. . . . . .


Where have I been? Nowhere really. Just resting. I was exhausted this week. I had so many things to do on my days off and I did absolutely nothing. Except laundry, run, and sleep.

I didn’t have an appointment with Mikki this week because she is on vacation for the next two weeks. But, she made sure she gave me some contact numbers just in case an emergency should arise. I’m happy to report, nothing has happened. Yet.

Other than that work has been quiet. The Boss Lady is on vacation this week too. Not that I notice. Like she does any work when she is there. . . . She is an expert at what they call “malingering”. My fave word is “dithering”, making like you are busy when you are really not, and to cover the fact that you don’t know what the hell you are doing.

Ops! Did I say that?

Also, by the time you read this I will no longer have a FaceBook page. After being kicked out and taking about four days for me to bust back into my own page, I decided that it was no longer worth my while to keep it. So I shut the thing down. I let a few of my friends know I was leaving and gave them the address of my personal message board where they can contact me.

They would have to join and start a profile and then they would be in like flint. I’d rather have a small and private message board than to deal with the hassles of FaceBook.

So far only three people have signed up. Three people out of 150 or so FaceBook friends. Which goes to prove, they are really not friends. They are just “web associates”.

I was listening to a talk show last week and the host said, because of the internet people call everyone friends. They just met the person on the internet and they are a friend. I agree! That’s not a friend! If you’ve never seen them in your life, that’s really not a friend! It’s just some personality ( not sure male or female ) on the internet and that’s that. Of course there are ALWAYS exceptions to that rule.

Well, better get going!

Blessed Be!

Rom 10:9-10

And Here We Go Again!


And Here We Go Again!

Well the spy was back again today. I arrived early and “C” was sitting in my seat and told me again that she was staying late. All this did for me was confirm that she was up to no good.

Like I said in my previous post, it was not like “C” was doing any work. She was merely dithering around, making it look like she was bus, all the while she was watching me. Now, for what just cause are you watching a co-worker? Do you think I’m suddenly gonna pull a rip cord and blow myself and everyone else to Kingdom Come?

All in all this nonsense is making me very nervous. I’ve been having back to back anxiety attacks which no one knows about but God. My therapist will be away for the next two weeks . . . . . sigh . . . . . . You know I will be going into much prayer.

Also the word is out that “C” wants MY spot on the midnight shift. Only two clericals can be on that shift at once, and she has ( from what I heard ) made the case that I am absent too much, so they need to take my place. What do I say to all of this?

First of all, all of this crap is nothing but rumors. In my eyes it’s nothing by psychological warfare. They’re always trying to mess with peoples heads in here. It’s horrible what one has put up with in order to earn a few pittance!

Anyway, if “C” wants the position, she can have it! She has no idea what I got through on my shift. With a supervisor who is little more than a figure head and does not believe in lifting a hand to do ANYTHING. It’s almost like that scene from “Coming To America” where the king had a servant to wipe his butt. . . . . “C”, girl if you can handle that, you can have it, but don’t come crying to me once you get it and you start getting licks. You wanted it, so you take and get the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Mostly UGLY though.

Only problem with the change is I have a very hard time adjusting. The last time they did an immediate switch on me like that, I nearly wound up in the hospital. When you change shifts like that it totally screws up your circadian rhythms. Like when they change you from day to mid-nights, or from days to four by twelves, or mid-nights to four by twelves.

The last time I did not sleep for weeks. I took cat naps like my cats. Two hours here, three hours there. I was one big MESS! I am not looking forward to do that again. In fact it may be another reason to run to the lawyer. After all I do have SENIORITY, unless that doesn’t count for nothing anymore. Since when 19 years doesn’t count for anything any more?

Feh! Enough of this . . . . . .

I’m Outy!